A Bond Fulfilled by Lee Tobin McClain

I think this was my favorite book in the Sacred Bond Series by Lee Tobin McClain. It was full of suspense, love, secrets, forgiveness, and the bond of brotherhood. This story follows Hector and Maria, old friends and more. When Maria moves back to town with a child that looks like the perfect combination of Hector and herself, people start to wonder if the child might be his. When the truth comes out there is heartache and grief, but also forgiveness shown. But when this lovely reunion takes a scary turn for the worst, it really captured my attention and my heart. I could not put the story down until I reached the end.
I love the way Lee writes these stories in a way that makes you feel as if you are right there with the characters. I was scared with them, biting my nails and wondering what was going to happen. I hope she continues with these stories and cannot wait to we what the next installment brings!

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