A Day in the Life of Axel!


Welcome to another edition of A Day in the Life. Today we get to meet Axel. Axel belongs to author Mary Manners, author of Promises Renewed. Please help me in welcoming Axel to the blog today! And make sure you check out the wonderful giveaway Axel is offering!


A Day in the Life of Axel



Hi. My name is Axel. I’m a handsome fellow, aren’t I? I love my home and my humans, Tim and Mary. They rescued me after a lo-o-o-o-ng six months in the animal shelter. I never thought I’d get sprung from the joint, but the moment Tim and Mary saw me they fell in love with me. I sure am a lucky guy. Here I am on the drive to my forever home with Tim at the wheel (you may notice the orange and white shirt—he’s a diehard Tennessee Vol football fan)…



Mornings are my favorite time of the day. I wake up the humans when the birds start to sing and roosters crow (I live on a mini-farm which is pretty cool). Breakfast is yummy with a splash of broth spilled over the doggie chow. My buddies from up the hill scamper over and we play a little game of chase before they head back home and I wander down to the chicken coop to check on my twelve sisters. We say good morning and catch up on all the neighborhood gossip. Sometimes Colby and Jax, my feline brothers, wander over to join us.



When Tim leaves for work it’s up to me to be the man of the house and keep watch over Mary. Sometimes I help her through writer’s block with a raucous game of fetch. She gets a great workout playing tug of war with my rope, too. I usually let her win (but don’t tell her the game is rigged J). When she’s done writing, we walk down to the garden together where I check things out and make sure the plants are coming along nicely. Mary’s a great gardener so it’s no wonder salads are a staple in our house (not for me…yuck). I have to make sure everything’s in order and no little rascals have taken up residence among the tomatoes and lettuce leaves.



Life at Manners Manor keeps me on my toes. I settle in on the back deck after a long day to enjoy a rawhide and watch the sunset. It’s oh-so-relaxing and too beautiful for words (well, maybe not for Mary, since she’s an author).



Whew! Every day is an adventure on the mini-farm. When my work is done, I let the humans rub my belly before I put myself to sleep. I snuggle up with my favorite toy and it’s lights out…until tomorrow!



P.S. Mary let me in on a little secret. She’s giving away a copy of her new release, Promises Renewed. Be sure to leave a comment to be entered into the drawing. You’re gonna love this book better than a truckload of rawhides! Here’s a sneak peek…

Promises Renewed (The Potter's House Books Book 5) by [Manners, Mary, House Books, Potter's]

A heartbreaking secret stands between Brianna and Jackson, and she plans to keep it that way…

When Brianna Caufield hosts an online auction to raise money for her fledgling youth center, the last thing she expects is to be matched for a date with Jackson Reed. Lured by the fame of an NFL career, the hometown hero and all-star quarterback broke off their engagement without so much as a backward glance. Now, washed-up and wiser, Jack’s come home with renewed faith and a changed heart—and he wants Brianna back.

No matter how much she still cares for Jackson, Brianna knows the secret she harbors will destroy any chance of a future together. Can Jack find a way to coax the secret to the surface? And if he does, will forgiveness draw them closer together…or will their love be shattered forever?



Good luck in the drawing. Now, I’m off for a game of hide and seek with my brothers and sisters. Happy reading!






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Mary Manners


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23 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Axel!

  1. Our furbaby is a 13 year old chihuahua named Snickerdoodle. I think he owns everything and allows us to use what we need. 🙂

    He’s a very special little boy. As a pup, he was my Dad’s sidekick. After Dad’s passing, he went to live with my Mom so she wouldn’t be so all alone. Six months later she said it was time for him to come home. When Mom came to live with us after a bad cancer surgery and Alzheimer, Snickerdoodle was the one that kept Mom grounded the longest always by her side. He’s been there for love and support for both hubby and I through the passing of both my parents.

    Snickerdoodle is now a diabetic taking 2 shots of insulin a day. Folks think we are nuts for planning our vacations around our furbaby – where he can go and where he can stay – but he’s never been left behind. He’s definitely worth it!

    He loves the chicken jerky his Mom makes for him and he loves the tussles on top of the bed with his Pops. He’s content to be quiet, always read to go and can hear you in the kitchen from the other end of the house. His hearing and eyesight isn’t as good as it once was but hey neither is ours. He gives as much love as he’s given and we love him dearly!

    1. Hi Kay,

      Thanks so much for sharing about your sweet Snickerdoodle. He sounds like a wonderful pup. I totally get the vacation planning. Our babies are not just pets, but part of our family. Give Snickerdoodle a hug from me!

    2. Oh Kay thank you for sharing this! Snickerdoodle sounds amazing. Maybe there is an author out there who would like to make a story about Snickerdoodle and his life!

    1. Hi Diana! thanks so much for visiting. I really appreciate the kind words on Promises Renewed and all of the support you have shown over the years. You are a wonderful friend! HUGS!!

  2. Hi Mary,

    Cute post! Axel is so cute! Levi is the dog in my life, a lovable Welsh corgi. He follows me everywhere and is usually by my feet while I write.

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for visiting. I lve Welsh Corgi’s. One of my best friends has one and they are so cute! Thanks for the compliments concerning Axel. Have a beautiful day!!

  3. I used to have a bulldog his name was bear he was big & he stayed by our side all the time I miss him a lot I would love a paperback

  4. Hi Mary

    Axel is cute…….
    My dog is LJ he is a Shih Tzu He wants to be in the middle of everything too

    God bless You Hope you are doing well

    Chris Granville

    1. Thanks so much, Natalya. I am glad you enjoyed reading about Axel. He is Mr. Mischief, for sure, but we love him. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I don’t own a dog but enjoy my brother’s dogs, Sammi and Sadie and my daughter’s dog, Tito. I enjoyed reading this. Blessings

    1. The thing about having dog’s that belong to other family members – you just get to play with them and then can go home without another thought 🙂

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