A Day in the Life of Brenda Anderson and a Giveaway!


Hello friends! Today I’m pleased to introduce Brenda Anderson to the blog to share a day of her kitty-filled life. And, did you know she has a new book out! Check out the end of the post for a giveaway opportunity! Woohoo 🙂



by Brenda S. Anderson


The day usually begins around 8 am when Her Royal Highness (aka Kisses our sassy calico kitty) decides I’ve slept long enough, and it’s time for me to serve her.

But before I get out of bed, I spend time with God, much to the chagrin of Kisses, who relentlessly pats my hands, trying to snag my attention away. Once I say “Amen,” Kisses leaps from the bed and demands that I follow her to the kitchen. She puts up with my detour to the office to turn on my computer, but that’s the only detour I’m allowed.


To show me that she’s keeping an eye on things outside the house, she leaps up on a kitchen chair and peeks beneath the blinds, making sure no one is around to steal her food while I give her her daily scoop of hard food. She’s not nearly as excited about that, though, as she is her daily spoonful of soft food. For that, she’ll even meow “Please.” She has yet to meow “Thank You.”



Then it’s finally time to get to work! But I barely have my butt-in-chair before Kisses is again pawing at me, ordering me to open the office window. As always, I comply with her wishes. And then I can get to work.



While I write, edit, market, other author stuff, play Spider Solitaire … Kisses curls up in my old office chair, satisfied that all her needs have been met for the morning. Sometimes she’ll climb on my lap, or she’ll climb onto my computer stand and lay on the mouse, a sign that I’m giving that mouse too much attention!




As cat-lovers know, cats love to bring gifts to their royal subjects to make sure we’re not ignoring them, and Kisses favorite gift is her well-loved stuffed Goofy.



And then sometimes she does other things to gain attention, like trying to break into the Lindt candy box. And succeeding, the little rascal!


At some point during the day, I’ll grab breakfast, then lunch … maybe. Then around 5:30, my husband arrives home. Since I’m on deadline, he has to make his own supper. Oftentimes, Kisses will join us at the kitchen table, especially if we’re serving chicken.



Then finally in the evening, I get to relax. Sometimes I read, sometimes we watch TV (especially if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on), maybe go for a walk. Around nine pm, Kisses once again demands attention. She meows and pats my leg or arm or whatever’s handy, to let me know it’s time for food again. I ask her “Do you want cheese?” and she meow’s back, “Of course!”

It’s not too much later when Kisses will give her final demand for the day. Again, she’ll meow at me, telling me it’s bed time. When I lay down, she stretches out on my leg and Her Royal Highness is down for the night.







Brenda S. Anderson writes gritty and authentic, life-affirming fiction. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, and is Past-President of the ACFW Minnesota chapter, MN-NICE, the 2016 ACFW Chapter of the Year. When not reading or writing, she enjoys music, theater, roller coasters, and baseball, and she loves watching movies with her family. She resides in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area with her husband of 30 years, their three children, and one sassy cat.

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Long Way Home blurb:

Can she forgive the man who once bullied her,
and learn that love keeps no record of wrongs?

Having overcome the crippling insecurities of childhood bullying, Lauren Bauman is eager to start her new job 1,000 miles away, and road-tripping across the country with her brother Nate and his new friend seems to be the perfect way to celebrate the move. But her confidence is shaken when she meets Nate’s friend–the kid who’d bullied her years before, trapping her in a decade-long shell of self-doubt.

For Jet Wurm, losing his job and getting kicked out of his apartment were the best things that ever happened to him. Thanks to the friend who rescued him, he’s finally shedding the loser label he’d worn for years. Nate even invited him along on a cross-country road trip with his sister, and Jet couldn’t be more excited. But then he meets Lauren, and her fearful reaction tells him they must have met before. Where, he can’t recall, but he has no doubt he’d somehow hurt her–like he’d hurt so many others in his past. And now he’s stuck on a six-day road trip with a woman who obviously deplores him.

Though Jet is clearly not the same person who’d bullied her years before, Lauren still struggles to forgive him. But if she doesn’t find the courage to forgive, will that convince Jet he’s as worthless as he’d always been taught to believe? Or will they learn that real love keeps no record of wrongs?

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Brenda will give away (1) autographed paperback copy of Long Way Home to a US resident. If an international reader wins, will gift a Kindle version of Long Way Home.



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28 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Brenda Anderson and a Giveaway!

  1. We don’t have a cat but rather a 13 year old furbaby chihuahua and yes he rules our days/lives. 🙂

    Snickerdoodle is now a diabetic on two insulin shots a day so meals (his and ours) are on his medication time schedule. He once had a knee injury which required surgery where he wasn’t allowed to jump so from then on he just sits and looks expecting to be lifted to the bed, off the bed, one the couch, off the couch, etc. Since he’s never been left, we plan our vacations on where we want to go AND where they will accommodate someone with a furbaby in tow. That may sound easy but believe me it’s not as easy as you might think. Some may say he’s spoiled but we prefer to say he’s LOVED BUNCHES!

  2. I had a cat growing up but allergies do not allow for any indoor pets anymore. The cat really did rule the roost, though. My son has backyard hens. One of them does like attention (the rest do not) and she demands it by making lots of racket. Getting held is on her terms, though. If she changes her mind, she skitters off.

  3. My cat is Princess and she follows me all over the house. She meowls for tuna! She reminds me of your cat. She will sometimes get under my feet.I really enjoy her company.

  4. My cat tends to get under my feet when I’m trying to cook and clean. She also follows me around when working outside and wants to be petted when I’m trying to garden. Have a blessed day.

  5. Your cat is beautiful! I don’t have one to get in the way. Wish I did, maybe some day. Book sounds interesting.

  6. I don’t have a cat, but I do have two little male dogs, Teddy and Toby. Tedster is a chihuahua, and Toby is a Chi-Pomeranian mix. Do they get in my way during the day? Yes! They follow me everywhere in the house, even the bathroom. If I’m cooking in the kitchen, Teddy is right under foot waiting for a taste. If I sit on the couch to read, Toby boy is right there, rubbing my hand with his paw, to get me to scratch him. 🙂 I love it!
    Your book sounds like a story I want to read, since I’ve actually struggled for years to forgive a person who treated me harshly. With God, and submission to His Word, I was finally able to really forgive him. It was such a relief!
    (sorry if I’m such a chatterbox)
    Romans 10:9-13

    1. Love your chatting, Nancy. 🙂 Your doggies sound adorable! Isn’t it amazing how much love our pets give us?!

      I hope you have the opportunity to read Long Way Home. Learning to forgive someone really is a journey.

  7. Yes! Charlie is forever nosing into my business. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. My daughter has a sweet cat named Minnow who is the greeter for kids coming across the street in front on his house after school.

  9. I have had cats over the years and each I need unique in their own way, but we’re very special to me! To make a few Honey, Harley, Frisky, and Mule! That’s right, Mule, named by my husband because he sounded like a mule running across my hardwood floors!

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