A Day in the Life of Erynn Newman!

Okay, before we get to the good stuff, I just have to tell you. I don’t know how she does it!? I mean, when you read this you’ll see that Erynn works in the middle of the night. THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! When we are all sleeping…well at least I am. I’m tired just thinking about her day! But I’m so thankful she found a moment to share her day with us. And I hope you’ll enjoy it too!!

A Day in the Life of Erynn Newman!


8:30 A.M.

This face greets me. “Hey, can we make French Toast?”
Usually I shove a tablet into his hands and pull a blanket over my head until 9:30 (or sometimes 10:00). This is because I work until 2-3 a.m. Our hours are weird, but it works for us.





10:00 A.M. I wander into the kitchen and make some breakfast. I usually don’t eat anything until lunch, which is just a couple hours away. Just feed the boy and put something hot and full of sugar into this mug and try to wake up.



11:30 A.M.

Usually Little Man and I try to go on a fun outing. For his birthday this year, we got a membership to the local children’s museum, so we hit this place once a week or so. Good times.

If we don’t go out, then it’s an endless loop of Play-Doh, Coloring, sword fights, and Disney Junior.




1:00 P.M.

Lunch date. Most days we have something really exciting at home—like turkey roll ups or chicken tenders, but once a week (read: if I have a coupon or it’s Kids Eat Free day), we have a date. If I can make it coincide with museum day, everybody wins.
Yes, he requested the salad bar, and yes, he ate ALL of this. Even the beets. Weirdo.



2:30 P.M.

Stop by Aldi for a few groceries. This is how we roll.



3:30 P.M.

Okay, we’re home. I send Mr. Man to his room for some quiet time, and my business partner, Ember, and I settle down in my office (read: the couch in my living room). She asks for tummy rubs (request granted), reciprocates with some kisses, and then we get down to business.
I catch up on emails while listening to Sleeping At Last on Pandora, do a little social media check-in (okay a lot, possibly fall down a rabbit hole or two of watching hilarious videos my friends posted), then realize half an hour has passed, so I really need to buckle down.


4:00 P.M.

I make a little pick me up. This is my current obsession. Thai tea.
I sit and sip and do a little marketing for my books. Look up my Amazon ads and sales, post a few things, and check to see if I have any new reviews. I know I shouldn’t, but I do. And sometimes I even check my… Also Bots!







And then I geek out because people who like my favorite authors also like me!
Then I freak out because it’s 4:30, and I haven’t done any editing yet. So I do that for 30 minutes to an hour, and then…


5:00 P.M.

The boy comes downstairs and asks to take some pictures with the filters on my phone. How can you say no to this face? Snap a few selfies. And then whip up a quick snack for my little veggie lover.









5:30 P.M.

A potty break reminds me what a domestic diva I am. Someone has been here before me.
But he “fixed it.”

Then I try to eke out a few more minutes of editing before I have to go make dinner. No pictures of this because it is the bane of my existence, but I once made shepherd’s pie with purple potatoes, so I’m a bit of a wunderkind.


I slave over a cutting board and a hot stove and reminisce about that time two years ago that I vacationed in the Dominican Republic. And it was all-inclusive. Was it just a dream?




6:30 P.M.

Hubs is home!!! We eat dinner and catch up on our days. He’s a therapist, so he needs to do a bit of unwinding from the stress of other people’s problems. Fortunately, Little Man is here to provide our after dinner entertainment.


8:00 P.M.

The boys settle in to do some “work” (one of them at least). I clean up the kitchen, finally get to take a shower, prepare lunches and clothes for tomorrow, and generally do whatever needs to be done around the house before bedtime.



9:30 P.M.

Family Bible story and prayer time. Lots of tickles and snuggles happening here. My favorite part of the day.
After this, hubs and I might get about 15 minutes to chat before he has to go to bed because he’ll be up before the sun tomorrow. That’s when the house gets really quiet, and…


10:30 P.M. – 2:30 A.M.

I finally get to work. I edit for a couple hours. Check Facebook and Twitter again. Search for the perfect gif response to a joke a fellow author told. If I’m ahead of schedule, I may sneak in an episode of This is Us or Lethal Weapon. And MAYBE get a chance to visit with my own characters for a minute.


Oh, and as you can see from this picture, once the house is quiet, this old man comes out of hiding, and if his favorite spot (in my lap) is taken, makes himself at home wherever he can find room. He’s really good for my productivity.

So yeah, this is it. The oh-so-glamorous life of a Work-At-Home Mom. It’s a little crazy, but I absolutely wouldn’t trade it for anything. Not even a whole year in that amazing paradise where I never have to cook or wash dishes again.

About the Author


Erynn Newman is a pastor’s kid, raised in churches all over the Eastern Seaboard. As a little girl, she created rich fantasy worlds and imaginary friends that followed her into adulthood, when she realized that meant she was either a crazy person or a writer—or maybe both.
Since earning her degree in Christian Studies, she has traveled the world and served as a missionary, a counselor, an ESL teacher, and a nanny. Though she has never worked with the CIA, her DVR contains a veritable Who’s Who of international spies.
She is a Carolina girl, a wife, and Mama to a very busy little boy, two cats, and a gaggle of characters that live inside her head.


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Thank you Erynn for sharing your day with us!!



4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Erynn Newman!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into Erynn Newman’s life! Thanks for the fun idea. I’d love to see other author’s lives, too. I’m always looking for new ideas to manage things. However, the 10:30 – 2:30 schedule for brain powering is not my jam. I’m more of an early bird!

  2. A busy, yet fun day!! I couldn’t do the 10:30-2:30 thing. My eyes start getting fuzzy at 10:30. Of course I start my day at 6am… so that may make a difference. I’m enjoying these “A day in the life of…” posts. Such a fun idea!

  3. *Yawns because it’s 10:30 a.m. and I just woke up*
    Thanks for hosting me! This was fun. And thanks for the comments (and calling me young!!! I feel anything but that most days). Now off to make brunch.

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