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Welcome to another edition of A Day in the Life! Today I’m please to welcome an author from the land down under, Kristen Fraser! Kristen is probably sleeping as you are reading this – Australia is 14 hours ahead of my time (EST). But that’s the fun of the internet and email. You can talk to people even when you have opposite awake times 🙂


Kristen happens to have a new book out, just released yesterday. Check it out! Pssst…..when I checked Amazon today, the price was only $0.99!! Grab it before the price changes!



A Vow Redeemed (The Potter's House Books Book 6) by [Fraser, Kristen M., House Books, Potter's]
Click to purchase!
Pick your battles. Three words of advice Gabby Greenstone had carried with her since the birth of her first child. Little did she know she would soon be fighting one of the biggest battles of her life.

Justin Greenstone is a successful lawyer managing his own law practice, as well as performing pro-bono work for struggling families within the local community. His wife Gabby is a busy stay-at-home-mom, raising their two teenage children, volunteering at an activity center for over-60’s, as well as at a rest home and their local church.
To the outside world, they are the quintessential couple – highly successful and appearing to have it all together – until Gabby discovers a devastating secret Justin has been harboring for years.

Gabby’s world is shaken by her discovery, and everything she’s known to be true and right is suddenly thrown upside down and marred by doubt. Gabby is torn between acting on her feelings, or choosing to do what is right. Through the unlikely friendship of an older, wiser woman at the rest home, Gabby is challenged to fight for everything she’s ever known.

Will Gabby allow Justin’s betrayal to destroy everything she’s ever known? Or will she learn to forgive, and trust the One who holds her heart?

Let this Christian story warm your heart and draw you close to the One who loves you without condition. A Vow Redeemed is Book 6 of “The Potter’s House Books” – stories of love, hope, redemption and second chances.



A Day in the Life of… Kristen M. Fraser



Hi from Australia! I’m Kristen and would love to share a little insight into my world with you. I’ve been married to my husband for 21 years, and we have 4 beautiful children (aged 9-15). We live just north of Brisbane in beautiful Queensland, Australia.


No two days are the same in my home – which drives me crazy, as I have previously thrived on being a routine person. I moonlight as a nurse (or moonlight as an author?), so shift work is a huge part of our family life. We adjust our schedules to whatever shifts I work, and somehow we get by! (Just a fun fact – most, if not all of my books, contain a medical element).


Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details of my living-in-survival-mode life! I’d like to take you away to spend a day with me at our favorite holiday destination. (I’ll dream I’m there and ignore the pile of washing waiting for me in the laundry!)


At the start of our summer holidays (which for us in Australia, is December), we make the trip to Coolum (on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland). It’s just over an hour’s drive from our home, which is very convenient! We stay for a week at a resort across from the beach. It’s become a tradition for our family, and over the years, we have seen the changes in the amount of luggage required. Gone are the days of car seats and strollers. Gone are the days of my husband and I lugging everyone’s boards, towels, buckets & spades to the beach. Now, everyone can carry their own belongings and life is a little bit easier!


We arrive at Coolum the day after school finishes. We have been given the same apartment for a number of years in a row – our little home-away-from-home. And the kids absolutely love this – immediately claiming “their” beds as soon as we arrive.


I start every morning by getting up early and going for a run along the boardwalk that runs parallel to the beach. It’s a beautiful time of day – the sun is rising over the Pacific Ocean, surfers are out ready to catch an early wave, and it is not too hot. I run up to a nearby lookout, take some photos, before heading back to the apartment. Although it’s early, there are plenty of people around, and everyone is friendly. Although it is a tourist town, it’s not as busy as some of the other ones along the coast.



I stop and buy a coffee from a café opposite the beach.  Everyone is still asleep when I arrive back, and I sit out on the balcony with my coffee, Bible and spend some quiet moments with God.

This is my little routine for the holidays, and something I look forward to every year. It’s a wonderful way to start the day – if only I could do it every single day of the year!


My second eldest daughter and I decide to climb Mt Coolum. We climbed it as a family a couple of years ago, but no one else wanted to do it this year. So, we’ve decided we’ll go by ourselves.


Mt Coolum sits 208m above sea level and is a grade 4 (out of 5) hike. It takes about 2 hours to complete. It consists of a walk through forest, up steep rock steps and eventually to the summit where montane heath grows (an endangered plant species in only one of a few locations on the Sunshine Coast.)

It’s a beautiful day for a hike – not too hot, not too cold. If we leave any later, we will get the heat of the summer sun. A few runners pass us on our ascent. Crazy people! It’s challenging enough hiking up, let alone running!


It actually doesn’t take us too long to reach the top, and we are met with an amazing 360-degree view of the Pacific Ocean, coastal towns and mountain ranges extending as far as the eye can see.

At the summit of Mt Coolum


We enjoy walking along the top of the summit. There are a few other early risers, and we find a quiet spot to sit and enjoy the view while we have a snack. It’s an amazing feeling being on top of a mountain, and even more special to share the moment with my daughter.


Having four children means I often don’t get the time with each of them that I’d like, and so I tuck this precious time with my daughter away in my memory.


After spending some time taking photos and enjoying the stunning view, we make our way back down the mountain – passed again by some super-enthusiastic runners!


Our legs are a little wobbly after our steep descent, and we share a laugh about how we can barely walk. We drive back to the apartment and by this time, the rest of the family are awake.


We spend the rest of the day swimming – in the pool or at the beach, and enjoy a picnic of fish ‘n chips at the beach for dinner. It’s been a relaxing, memory-making day. (Another fun fact – Coolum was the inspiration for the setting in The Whitecliffe Bay series.)



I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my day. Now it’s back to reality for me – housework, baking and preparing dinner before I go and pick my children up from school and take them to soccer training.


Thank you Kristen for sharing your beuatiful world with us! I just have one question. Next time can you take me with you???


About the Author


Kristen M. Fraser

Kristen M. Fraser is a Christian fiction author, residing in beautiful Queensland, Australia with her husband and four children. She drinks way too much coffee, has a far too messy house, and probably doesn’t get enough sleep.

Aside from that, Kristen loves worshipping her Creator, running, spending time at the beach and in the outdoors, reading and of course, writing.

Although her books are works of fiction, Kristen believes everyone has a story to tell. As such, she takes inspiration for her writing from people’s everyday lives – their struggles and successes. She writes to encourage others in their journey, and to share the message of hope found through Jesus Christ.

It is her prayer that you will be encouraged and inspired by her words.


Connect with Kristen:

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  1. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share a little part of my ‘day’ with you!

  2. Oooo, this has to go on my TBR list! I read and enjoyed Mary Manners contribution to The Potter’s House Books! I need to read all of them!

  3. What a beautiful place to take a vacation. My favorite place to be is at the coast. It is about a two hour drive from where I live. It is where I feel calm, at peace, and closest to God!

    Your book sounds fantastic, and I can’t wait to read it. I know I am going to enjoy the fact that most of your books include a medical element as I love reading medical novels!

    Thank you for sharing some of your personal life! May God richly bless you as you continue to write! ❤

  4. I loved these gorgeous pictures of your vacation! Truly an amazing day. I don’t think I’d ever dare to climb a mountain. And your life sounds so busy! All the more admiration to you for finding time to write, too.

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