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Happy Wednesday everyone, and welcome to another edition of A Day in the Life! I’m pleased to introduce to you inspirational romance author Marion Ueckermann! She is proof that when you follow God’s will for your life, all will be well 🙂


A Special Day in Marion’s Life


Today I’d like to share an important day with you. It happened a little over two years ago, and it was the day my life took another direction. The day I left behind the security of corporate life—my good pay check, company car, pension plan—and stepped out of the boat to walk on water writing fulltime. If you’d like to read what led to this day, this decision, please check out my blog on https://go.shr.lc/2yp0RoC

I’d spent the weeks before March 31st 2016, drowning in shredded paper as I cleared out my office, and up to my eyeballs in notes for whoever had to take on my responsibilities as Personal Assistant to the General Manager of the Parts Distribution Centre of a renowned car manufacturer.

When it came time for me to say goodbye to my colleagues of almost ten years and I pondered what to say at my farewell, tears welled. “I won’t be able to do this,” I thought. So I put on my big girl panties and reminded myself that merely eight months prior, I had buried my mom after watching her slowly dying for just as long. A month later I buried my dad, and at his funeral I gave a eulogy to both my parents. And I knew, if I could do that, I could certainly give a farewell speech. It went something like this:

Taking the decision to step out of my comfort zone and begin writing fulltime has probably been the most scariest decision of my life. And I’ve made a few scary ones in my lifetime: like immigrating to the other side of the world…and then deciding to move back to South Africa; or allowing my son to head off on a month long journey that would take him over 15,000km through Europe with only four friends, a EuRail ticket, 100 euro, and a whole lot of faith. Following his journey via Skype and Facebook and sitting thousands of miles away watching the team sleep in subways and on streets, in hotel rooms and on boats. And I’m going to come back to how that all turned out.


Probably the craziest decision I made, besides this one I’m making today, was jumping into an ice-hole in the snow in the middle of winter in Finland with outside temperatures a mild minus 7 degrees Celsius. That decision was purely in the name of research, and because I knew I may never pass that way again.

In the past eighteen months, I’ve published six books [note to reader: those figures have trebled since writing this speech] with another two releasing in July. In the past nine months, I’ve collaborated with authors from all over the world on four box sets, and I’m currently in another three this year [2016].

But, leaving VW to become a fulltime writer was my pension plan, something I’d planned to do in about a decade. But God called, and I had no option but to follow. I knew that my life had come to a crossroads where I had to choose, or start having to say no to opportunities. I couldn’t make this choice though if I didn’t know God had my back. Even though there are times that it’s daunting when I think about what I’m doing, God reminds me that He’s on this journey with me. Just the other day I was asking God to bring me more box set opportunities for my writing. I specifically asked for an autumn set as I have I book I need to write that would fit into one, even though I’d never seen anybody do an autumn set. That same afternoon my Facebook messenger beeped. I opened the message from someone I didn’t really know, but who’s a Facebook writing friend, and I read:

“Hi Marion. I’ve been invited to help work on a FALL (that’s autumn in America) themed Christian Contemporary Romance box set to release mid-September. We’re looking for 6-8 authors who can commit to a previously unpublished novella to the set. I’ve been nominated to contact people and you’re on our short list.”

How awesome is that to have a prayer answered immediately and specifically?

Oh, and back to that little faith journey around Europe I mentioned, four years later, in July this year [2016], a worldwide social media platform aimed at users being involved in social needs in their communities, will be launched to a million users at an event in Washington DC. That idea and platform was birthed by my son and his friend. That’s what faith can do.

So, if you have a dream, a passion, work hard at it—I’ve been working for ten years on this writing dream—and don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone and walk on water, but don’t dare do it unless you’re holding tight to the hand of Jesus.

I go away with fond memories and what I hope will be many lifelong friendships. I’ll remember the crazy hat days, the slipper days, the casual days, the Year-end functions, the coffee walks, and all the fun times.

Thank you all for your love, friendship and support.

“And I’ll be back … I’ve got book orders to deliver “

And now, I have to run, because I’ve got books to write. I hope you have enjoyed spending this special day with me.


About Marion


MARION UECKERMANN’s passion for writing was sparked when she moved to Ireland with her family. Her love of travel has influenced her contemporary inspirational romances set in novel places. Marion and her husband again live in South Africa, but with two gorgeous grandsons hanging their hats at the house next door, their empty nest’s no longer so empty.


Connect with Marion

Website:  www.marionueckermann.net

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