A Day in the Life of Zuzu!


Boy are you in for a treat today friends! Today, Zuzu is telling all. What secrets are in the Schmidt household. Who the real star of Reading is My Super Power is. And a peek at mail inspection time!


A Day In The Life of Zuzu


Hi! I’m Zuzu. My mom calls me the official mascot for “her” blog, Reading Is My SuperPower, but we all know it’s really my show. Mascot? Whatever. I’m the talent. I’m also a mix between Hungarian Vizsla and boxer, and I rescued my parents 11 years ago when they adopted me from our local humane society.

Here’s a look at my typical day!

6:00 AM – I wake up Dad and get a head start on the blogging day. You know, sniff the grass and neighborhood blog posts to see what’s been happening while I snoozed.

7:30 AM – breakfast and a nap while I wait for Mom to start her day.

8:30 AM – once Mom finally shows up, we have our morning meeting. What happens is: She rubs my belly and I let her.

9:00 AM – Mom opens up the large rectangle attached to her hip (as opposed to the smaller rectangle also attached to her hip) and I settle in for second nap. (Those hobbitses have second breakfast. Why can’t I have second nap?)

*NOTE: I should also mention here that Mom has the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel on ALL. DAY. LONG. Which is fine by me because I love Monk. She says it’s just for ‘background noise’ to help her focus while she blogs but I know better. I catch her watching the same shows we’ve seen 40 times (at least) but apparently there is something riveting about it the 41st time through.

11:30 AM – Mail inspection. I get a lot of mail for the blog, addressed to Mom of course, so I have to inspect it first to make sure it’s nothing horrible like a cat.


It’s usually just BOOKS. Because… clearly … she needs more of those. (Except she doesn’t because she already has a room full of them and the overflow bookshelves. And the overflow stacks on the floor. I tried turning the TV to an episode of Hoarders once but she just hollered, “It’s NOT hoarding if it’s BOOKS” and then muttered “The internet says so.” So that attempt at reclaiming some of my house was a bust.)

12:00 PM – Lunch break! Mom and I eat lunch, and I do some more outdoor blog research.

1:00 PM – Mom breaks out the rectangles again (sometimes both large and small and the medium one called kindling … or … something like that. English is only my third language, after canine and Hungarian). While she does all the blog work, I watch Monk and provide wise advice when Mom asks questions such as:

 How do you spell the plural of series? Really? It’s just series?

 What’s another way to say “I loved these characters”?

 Dogs or cats? (Really, Mom?)

 Do you know anything about this delivery to Noah c/o Cathy West in Bermuda? (Um. Nope. Sure don’t. wags tail innocently)

Occasionally here, I also have to implement the KissingBooks Recovery Procedure. First, make sure she’s laying down on something soft. But I don’t share my bed. Or the other furniture I’ve claimed as a bed. So basically I just leave her on the floor where she swooned. Then I lick her face a few times but sometimes that doesn’t work because there is too much drool. Hers. Not mine. So then I change tactics entirely and swoosh my floofer-tail in front of her face like a fan. She eventually comes to her senses, but I have to keep an eye on her until she’s finished with that book. Sometimes I have to implement the KBRP more than once per book.

3:00 PM – time for my rounds! I check out the view from the front window…and then the big window that’s like a door in the kitchen. And then sometimes I go back to the front window but sometimes I get distracted by a comfy pillow or two and I take a little snooze.

3:30 PM – sometimes my rounds get interrupted by more packages which, of course, I have to inspect for cats. I have a strict anti-cat policy.

4:00 PM – Mom and I have our afternoon meeting. What happens is: She rubs my belly and I let her.

5:00 PM – Mom is still working on blog stuff. Or CFRR. Or JustRead. Or who knows what. I, on the other hand, have clocked out and I’m now planted at the front door, listening for Dad to come home. Or maybe snoozing again. Hey. I’m 12 years old. Don’t judge.

6:00 PM- Dad’s home. Mom’s still working (she says she’s behind on EVERYTHING. I believe her.) I’m gonna go eat dinner.

7:00 PM – Dad and I go on an adventure walk. I also use this time to catch up on neighborhood blogs again. You can never do much research on what’s been going on in the dog …uh …blog …world.

8:00 PM – Now…here is where I should mention that due to recent developments we now watch Soccer (or American football) in our household. The recent development being that my Dad is now a soccer fan. See, in the 11 years I’ve known him he has looked at sports like I look at cats. But then one day he discovered soccer and I just don’t know what to do with him anymore. He schedules game-watching. He hollers at the TV. He laughs really hard. And he throws words around like ‘offsides’ and ‘Liverpool’ and ‘Premier League’. It’s been quite entertaining to watch.

9:00 PM Mom puts the large rectangle away and she and I go up to Big Bed (as opposed to Small Couch Bed, Large Couch Bed, my actual Bed, Red Pillow Bed, etc.) where she reads and I lay down rightupagainstherascloseaspossible and snooze. Clearly, I am exhausted by my busy day! She’ll be up into the wee hours reading, but I don’t mind. She lets me share her blankets.

Thanks for following me around today!



Wow, thanks for sharing Carrie’s  your secrets with us today Zuzu! Friends, show Zuzu some love today and comment about your favorite part of the post 🙂


21 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Zuzu!

  1. I think Zuzu has a very important and somewhat difficult job in taking care of and watching over Schmidt household. Sounds like he has everything under control though – including letting them know who rules. 😉 The one problem I have with it all is the fact that he is NOT a dog. He is by far a furbaby just like our 13 year old chihuahua Snickerdoodle. Snickerdoodle says to say he is a dog is like saying you are just a human. So Zuzu tell them to get politically correct from now on and more treats, belly rubs and naps are in order I would say. <3

  2. Zuzu!! DAH-lingk!! your days sounds not so different to mine except that my brothers and sister and I all help our mum! (you poor thing, you have to take care of your mum all on your own!)
    you met my brother, I think, some time ago – Jasper. He thinks he’s the boss around her but i’ll let you in on a secret – I’M the princess and I’M truly the one in charge!!
    kitty kisses!!
    Princess Penelope Primrose

  3. Awww, Zuzu! What a tough life you have! I’m glad you’re keeping your mom in line. She can get a little unruly at times, what with threatening to purse whomp people, and swooning on her fainting couch, etc. And might I add, you have the most adorable facial expressions ever. It must be the Hungarian in you! Keep up the great work! 😀

  4. It was so nice to meet you, Zuzu. Looks like you are very busy taking care of your human family and doing blog research. Keep up the good work, Zuzu.

  5. Zuzu, you are one busy dog! I’m so glad you are there to revive your mom after Kissing Book Swooning. Monk is awesome “background noise” he has some funny habits.
    Keep up the good work! I hope you get extra tummy rubs!

  6. I love when Zuzu makes an appearance on Carrie’s blog and this post was so fun to read! I think it’s cute that Zuzu inspects the mail to make sure there are no cats.

  7. Ah, ZuZu, you do a great job of keeping everything in line.
    My granddaughter’s cat (that has temporarily adopted us while she’s in college) says you should give cats a chance some are quite sweet and beautiful like she is! On second thought, she said maybe not, she doesn’t like to be chased. However, like you, she LOVES naptime, belly rubs and snugglingascloseaspossible to her human, too.
    Seriously, this is one adorable post, and cute dog!

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