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Happy Sunday my friends and Happy New Year! I am so excited to talk about today’s book, Above the Fold by Rachel Scott McDaniel. Ever since Rachel started talking about the book on social media I have wanted to jump in and start reading! As you know, life sometimes gets in the way of that, but I’ve finally found the chance to read it and so glad that I did. And can I just say – it seems like there is something in the water that all these debut authors are drinking! Seriously. I’ve read so many debut novels over the past several months and they are amazing! Maybe I’m just naive, but I feel like it should take at least a few books to get to the level these authors are at. For the record, Rachel is one of them 🙂 It sure does make it hard to keep a short favorites list. They are pretty much all on my list!!

After losing the love of her life to a big city journalism job, Elissa Tillman pours herself into the suffragette movement and her secretarial work helping keep her father’s Pittsburgh newspaper afloat.

Cole Parker returns to the steel city with the phantom failures of his past nipping his heels. All he asks of the future is a second chance with the woman he once spurned.

The murder of a millionaire offers the perfect chance for Elissa to prove to her father and the world that she’s a serious journalist. But there’s a catch—she has to compete for the story. Against none other than Cole Parker, the very man who shattered her heart. 

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I was so excited to read the debut book from Rachel Scott McDaniel for many reasons. It is set in one of my favorite cities – Pittsburgh, it is from a time period I have a fascination with – the Roaring 20’s, and the main character works for a newspaper – something that really intrigues me. I had high expectations, and McDaniel delivered. And then some!

First of all, McDaniel did such a wonderful job of writing in the time period. I felt like I was in the midst of the Roaring 20’s myself! It has to be so hard for an author to stray from using current day lingo in their books. I know I would have a problem with it! But McDaniel clearly did her homework on the speech, the workings of a newspaper during that time, Pittsburgh as it was in the 20’s, and the women’s suffrage movement. Even the littlest detail – like the meaning of yellow clothing and flowers. It just blew my mind how much thought and effort McDaniel put into this story.

Now, onto the storyline….and it was a good one! Oh my goodness. Elissa was such a strong character, ready to stand up for what’s right. She had a mark she wanted to make in the world and she really didn’t want others getting in her way. Unfortunately, she was kind of born in the wrong time period for that, but oh did she make her mark anyways. I loved her determination, but also her heart of gold. She had some growing to do – it’s not easy to have someone come back into your life (aka Cole) that you didn’t really want to.

Speaking of Cole, him and Elissa just really made the story. Even though they weren’t this immediate couple, the sparks were flying and I found myself smiling, and even chuckling at times over things that happened with them. Especially when a certain “beau” was in the mix! But Cole, he had some issues he needed to get over. And this murder mystery was just the thing he needed in my opinion. Yes going on the hunt was fun for this reader, but seeing Cole and Elissa grow and just go through life was the highlight for me.

McDaniel is an author to watch for my friends. She has made her own mark on the historical fiction world, and it is a big one. I highly recommend you read this fantastic book! And when you’re done, be sure to add McDaniel to your favorite author list. She belongs there!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

“But she couldn’t be distracted by him – or his betrayal. She had a story to tackle.”

“His breath caught upon the discovery that her likeness in his imagination had been a lousy substitute compared to the brilliancy of the original.”

“Polite, calm, and perhaps the greatest but of acting she’d ever performed because her insides humed with chaos, embarrassment, and a terrible thing called attraction.”

Rachel Scott McDaniel

Rachel Scott McDaniel is an award-winning author of historical romance. Winner of the ACFW Genesis Award and the RWA Touched By Love award, Rachel infuses faith and heart into each story. She currently enjoys life in Ohio with her husband and two kids. 

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Are there any debut authors in your reading lineup for 2020?

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