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About the Book
Amish Brides
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Book: Amish Brides

Author: Jennifer Beckstrand, Molly Jebber, Amy Lillard

Genre: Amish

Release Date: May 30, 2017

Jennifer Beckstrand
Spirited Suvie Newswenger has three marriage proposals—but not from the man she truly loves. No matter how lonely widower Aaron Beachy is, he seems determined to stay that way forever. Now, with help from his matchmaking great-grandparents, Suvie will do whatever it takes to rekindle Aaron’s hope—and spark happiness for a lifetime.

Molly Jebber
Madeline Lehman fears her fiancé’s family will never accept her because of her rebellious sister. She’s postponed her wedding to Joshua Stutzman until they see the truth. But when Maddie adopts her sister’s abandoned baby, can she and Joshua find a way to unite their families through forgiveness as well as love?

Amy Lillard

Reba Schmucker longs to be a bride. And she knows her mischievous nieces just wanted to help when they “chose” Abel Weaver for her. But he’s the last man in the world she’d ever marry. There’s no way her independence and his stubbornness could ever get along—unless a sudden crisis somehow leads to understanding . . . and love.

My Perspective

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong by have a set of novellas about weddings and Amish people – two things I love! I have enjoyed reading books by all three of these lovely authors for quite some time now, and this book was a wonderful way to combine their talents! And while it is difficult for some authors to make a good storyline into a novella, these three ladies are pros at it! I didn’t feel cheated out of information, time frames, or character development.

First, I have to say how much I love Huckleberry Hill. Jennifer Beckstrand takes me back to the land of Anna and Felty – my all time favorite Amish grandparents. Sweet, innocent, manipulating Anna. She is such a hoot! I really get a kick of her trying to set up all the young people she seems to come in contact with. I think there should be an Anna in every community! I mean, if I wasn’t married, I’d book looking for her to help me out! Although they were the stars in this book (as I feel in every Huckleberry Hill book), Suvie and Aaron have a sweet story. We all know people like Aaron. Maybe not because of being a widow, but just stuck in their ways and thinking they will remain alone. They just need someone (enter Suvie) to remind them of what life is about, and that’s it’s okay to be happy!

Molly Jebber wrote a story that will tug at your heart. My emotions were all over the place reading this. It was extremely touching seeing someone act so unselfishly, and putting the needs of a young child in front of their own. More than that, this story was about the power of family and the power of forgiveness. I connected easily with Madeline, a girl who just wanted to do what was right. Sometimes it baffles me when others don’t have similar reactions, but we’re only human after all. What impressed me even more was the way Molly could easily include relying on the Lord in this storyline. There was prayer, there was discussion about prayer and God, and it really lifted my spirits.

What can I say about Amy Lillard? Um….she’s a rockstar when it comes to amish fiction. She always has such creative storylines, and this is no exception. What really spoke to me though was the way Reba and Abel interacted. To be honest, it kind of reminded me and myself and my husband, and I think that’s why I connected to the story so much. It seemed like both of them were afraid to take that first step into the “dating” realm. Instead they kept reminding themselves they were only friends and nothing more. Well, until they got sick of hearing me tell them to go for it! lol. But truth be told, I liked seeing this progression for them. Some couples just need to take it slow and see how they are as friends before trying to go any further. Just like in the real world!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


About the Author
6-10-2016-close-head-shotMolly Jebber’s books have been featured in Publisher’s Weekly, USA Today’s HEA, and Romantic Times has given them a near excellent rating. She’s on RWA’s Honor Roll. She’s a speaker for Women’s Christian Connection, and she offers presentations on writing, publishing, Amish lifestyle and traditions. She has received widespread media coverage, including live interviews, across the United States for her books and speaking engagements.
She’s just signed a new contract for four more Amish books! She loves interacting with her readers. She loves God, her husband, family and friends. She has a hard time saying no to cupcakes, swimming, nine holes of golf, and walks on the beach. Coconut, oatmeal, and onions, on the other hand, are not hard to say no to!
Guest Post from Molly Jebber

Do you remember picking out your bride’s dress? The cake? Food? Location? The invitations? Weddings are fun, no matter how simple or extravagant. The marked event fills your heart with joy sharing in the special day with the bride and groom. I remember the day I married Ed, my best friend and soulmate. We planned the details together, and we still talk about what a heartwarming memory it is for us. I’m sure if you and I met for a girl’s chat, we’d enjoy hearing each other’s account of when we exchanged vows with our sweethearts.

Amish brides may not have the flowers, rings, and fancy food and cake, but they have their traditions and share in the excitement like we do. I enjoyed writing “Joshua’s Bride”. I hope you enjoy it to.

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