An Amish Market by Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin, and Vannetta Chapman

What a sweet collection of novellas that captured my heart! I love all of these authors, and was so happy to get the chance to read them all at once! Each story was sweet and an easy read. I found myself falling in love it’s each set of characters, and hope there are some stories I the future so ten stories continue!
In the first novella, Love Birds, by Amy Clipston, we read about Ellie and Lloyd. First, I loved that this novella was tied to Amy’s recently released The Forgotten Recipe. Highly recommend reading that book first ?m but it is certainly not necessary. I enjoyed reading about how after years of knowing each other it only took a moment to see each other in a different light. Reminded me of when I looked at my husband differently for the first time, as he was my friends older brother. The novella was also a good reminder that God gives us many talents, and he doesn’t want us to hide them. He wants us to share them! I could just imagine the beautiful work that Lloyd did on those bird wood carvings.
The next novella, A Bid For Love by Kathleen Fuller us another sweet read. Hannah Lynne doesn’t think that Ezra even knows who she is, but little does she know that he has a freezer full of her homemade churned butter. The funny thing is that Ezra is completely clueless! He can’t figure out why he has to stop at her market stand week after week. Then when a quilt brings them together, they both may learn a little something. Maybe Ezra does know who she is after all!
The third novella, Sweeter then Honey by Kelly Irvin is equally sweet. It all start over a dropped jar of pickled beets. The grumpy store worker Will doesn’t want Isabella to clean it up, but her stubbornness makes it hard for her to accept his assistance. Will has been hurt in the past and is very cautious about opening his heart to another possibility. Isabella has big plans for her future. If only will would open his heart to her!!
Finally I read shot Stella and David in Love in Store by Vannetta Chapman. Stella seems to be stuck in the past, her unbarreness getting the best of her. But does that matter to an older couple? I enjoyed reading the mystery of this novella as well. It broke up the traditional love theme and brought something I could both imagine and participate in.
All of these stories were great and if not part of this series, I would still enjoy them on their own. Highly recommend!
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.

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