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Happy Sunday friends! I know typically I write about books here, but I’m looking to expand that a bit and offer something a little different now and then. Today’s topic is music. I love listening to music as much as I love reading. It helps my heart, my mind, and my soul. I don’t have a favorite band, singer, genre, or anything. It changes based on my moods – truly it does!

Lately I’ve needed some music that will lift my spirits. Let’s face it, we live in a dark world. I work with the public and it can be very tiring, especially on my soul. So I love listening to something that will put a smile on my face before and after work. Seems like lately I’ve been coming back to the same CD – Love Remains by Hillary Scott and the Scott Family.

Love Remains
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I’m not going to lie, Hillary’s voice is what first grabbed my attention. I loved the sound of her voice in Lady Antebellum and wanted to hear what she had to say in this CD. Her song Thy Will is just amazing. If you’ve never heard the story behind that, I encourage you to check it out. Hillary is basically bearing all her emotions in that song, something I can directly relate to.

But you know what song I keep hitting the repeat button on? Ain’t No Grave, which happens to be the last song on the CD. First of all, I absolutely love the music in it. The beat is great, the bass captures my attention, and it’s just fun. It kind of reminds me of a bunch of people just sitting around on this huge wrap-around porch, talking about the Lord and His second Coming, and they just burst into a song. The tempo is upbeat and the words are uplifting.

To be honest, I love all the songs. The voices meld together beautifully, and I must admit there are even times where I get a little choked up. The one part that does more than any of them (don’t laugh or judge) is in the title song Love Remains. Near the end of the song a male voice comes on saying, “I don’t know, baby what I’d do….on this earth, without you.” It just gets me every time. And yes, I realize this isn’t supposed to be a lovey or romantic CD, but this little tidbit reminds me of two things.

  1. I cannot live without my husband, and this song kind of reminds me to make sure he knows that and knows how much I love him!
  2. I cannot live on this earth without Jesus. No way, no how. I don’t know how lost people do it!

So there you have it. This is the CD that’s been blaring in my car lately. What have you been listening to? Please share in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “An Uplifting Playlist

  1. We are blessed to live in the Folk Music Capital – Mountain View, AR so we get to listen to wonderful music all the time. We have a season pass to the Ozark Folk Center which means we get to go to concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Last night we were entertained by Paul Brock a world famous Irishman voted Male Musician in Ireland. This tells a little bit about him – Oh my goodness it was a fantastic concert!

    Besides the folk center we also have several other shows in the area as well as the picking park which is busy every evening from April to November each year. The winter months get slow when things shut down for the winter, but we enjoy that too. That’s when we take rides to see the fall colors or sit on the porch to enjoy our view of the mountains.

  2. Oh how exciting I had no idea about this CD, I am going to look for it. I need some uplifting albums at this time in my life. Wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Great post! I love the Hillary/Scott Family CD, and we bought it at Cracker Barrel when we first spotted it. There are definitely some great songs on it! Your comment about the male voice at the end of “Love Remains” made the romance writer in me smile. I listen to Christian music ALL the time (and we recently attended the Dove Awards in Nashville; the best concert ever!). As far as uplifting, Danny Gokey, Mercy Me, and Casting Crowns are current favorites. I adore Third Day’s “Revival” and Zach Williams’s “Chain Breaker” and “Old Church Choir.” We are truly blessed with so many talented singers and groups now. Thanks for sharing!

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