Anna’s Healing by Vannetta Chapman

Wow. That’s us the first word I could think of to describe what I thought of this book. So many things I loved about it, I’m just not sure where to start! Vannetta really brought a wonderful story of Anna, a girl who didn’t feel like she belonged so she moved away to try again. The girl who became a paraplegic after a freak accident. And a girl her found herself healed later on. What are the odds?
I think the first thing that I appreciated about this story was how it kept going. I got to one chapter in the book and it was almost written as if the story was going to end. But sure enough I turned the page and the next story was unfolding. This happened at least two or three times. I have always been the reader who gets to the end of the book and wants more. I feel like I got that extended storyline here, and enjoyed the continuation of the story.
I enjoyed that this was different than your typical Amish story. Sure, there was love, family issues, faith and hope. But there were times that Anna had fears and doubts just like us all, and I felt connected to her during those times. I enjoyed her friendship with Chloe, because it reminded me of a friendship I have had with a young Amish lady. But perhaps my favorite character was Mammi. She had such unwavering faith and it showed. I think we could all learn something from her. I know I certainly have!

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