Deep Waters by Jessica Patch Review

Have you heard of author Jessica Patch? If not, you should! She is a talented author and lovely person. Today I’m talking about her latest novel, Deep Waters. It’s got a little bit of everything: love, suspense, mystery, animals, great characters, and even a few surprises. I hope you’ll give it a shot!

About the Book

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Thirty feet underwater when her oxygen tank fails, Caley Flynn fears it’s been sabotaged—and she’ll be the next to die. Her intern’s already dead, her home breached and something’s amiss at her Florida marine-life rescue center…but no one believes she’s in danger. Except Shepherd Lightman. When Caley’s brother asked him to check on her, the marine turned security specialist hoped it would be a case of calming down a nervous veterinarian. But the threats are all too real. Rescuing Caley and remaining alive isn’t easy, but resisting his boss’s sister is where the real danger lies. Because with his heart in the balance, he’ll do whatever it takes to stop a killer who’s desperate to keep a secret hidden.

My Perspective
This book first grabbed my heart when I learned that Caley worked with sea turtles. I love sea animals, and have always been interested in sea turtles and their egg laying process. For those who do not know much about sea turtles, this book is full of facts about them. So not only is it fun to read, it’s educational too! But I also must warn you, you will be amazed at the secret the bad people are trying to hide. It totally shocked me and tore at my heart a little.

I loved the characters in this book. Caley is very passionate about her animals, as well as finding out the truth behind all the unusual things that are happening. She was a tad naive at times – in fact I found myself disagreeing with how she saw people some of the time. But to be honest, it wasn’t a totally bad trait on her. It was actually kind of endearing that she saw the good in so many people, and throughout the book her character grew and understood the importance balance of seeing the good in people, and listening to that feeling in the pit of your stomach.

The hero in this story could be a hero in every book as far as I am concerned! To be honest, I’m kind of glad that the cover did not feature him because that allowed me to picture him in my mind. He had this rough and tough exterior, but on the inside….complete teddy bear (although you don’t see a lot of it in the book, you can just tell it is there). His interactions with Caley are priceless, and at times leave you frustrated. You just want them to open their eyes, throw away their stubbornness, and just go for it already. Mix in the suspense factor and I was immediately sold.

Yes, not only is this book for animal lovers and cute hero lovers, it is also for suspense lovers. The chase is on and Caley is the target. There were moments I was sitting on the edge of my seat, and times that I kind of ignored the world because I wanted to finish the book. I was not going to be satisfied until the mystery was solved, and Caley was (hopefully) safe from harm! There were a few surprises thrown in – some of the guilty parties were not who I expected, and that was a nice addition for me. All in all, wonderful read!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

About the Author


Jessica R. Patch lives in the mid-south where she pens inspirational contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. When she’s not hunched over her laptop or going on adventurous trips in the name of research with willing friends, you can find her watching way too much Netflix with her family and collecting recipes to amazing dishes she’ll probably never cook. Sign up for her newsletter at



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