Echoes Among the Stones by Jaime Jo Wright

Have you ever had a book that you were so excited about that you devoured it once you started? Reading at every single moment you could…even in rooms that people don’t normally read in!? 😉 Yeah, that was me with this book. Funny story….I’m on Jaime Jo’s launch team. I know we are supposed to get copies in the mail, and I feel like I remember seeing it back around the end of November or beginning of December. But that’s also the time our lives got turned upside down. Here we are in January, and I am finally ready to read again. Do you think I could find this book? Nope. It might be in a box of Christmas decorations, or hidden on the bookshelf that our tree sits in front of, or it may have just found its way to the library by accident.

What do I do? I mean, I need to read this book. It’s calling me. I can’t stop thinking about it! Amazon to the rescue. Thank goodness for prime! I got it two days later and read it as quickly as I could. And oh, it was so worth it. It was creepy, but not so creepy that I couldn’t keep reading. And I didn’t read at night if I was alone lol. Let’s be real here – I scare easy lol. But enough about that. Let’s get to the book!

After Aggie Dunkirk’s career is unceremoniously ended by her own mistakes, she finds herself traveling to Wisconsin, where her grandmother, Mumsie, lives alone in her rambling old home. She didn’t plan for how eccentric Mumsie has become, obsessing over an old, unsolved crime scene–even going so far as to re-create it in the dollhouse.

Mystery seems to follow her when she finds work as a secretary helping to restore the flooded historical part of the cemetery. Forced to work with the cemetery’s puzzling, yet attractive archeologist, she exhumes the past’s secrets and unwittingly uncovers a crime that some will go to any length to keep quiet–even if it means silencing Aggie.

In 1946, Imogene Flannigan works in a local factory and has eyes on owning her own beauty salon. But coming home to discover her younger sister’s body in the attic changes everything. Unfamiliar with the newly burgeoning world of criminal forensics and not particularly welcomed as a woman, Imogene is nonetheless determined to stay involved. As her sister’s case grows cold, Imogene vows to find justice . . . even if it costs her everything.

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Wright gives readers a story that they will not be able to tear themselves away from in Echoes Among the Stones. From the very beginning I was hooked. Chapter One, for example, was pretty short. But Wright packs a punch in a short time, and I couldn’t tear myself away. For those of you who may need a little longer to get hooked, read chapter two. Mumsie and Aggie are almost like oil and vinegar. I feel like if I had a Mumsie in my life, I would always feel like I wasn’t good enough, and constantly be questioning what Mumsie was talking about. It seemed like she was talking in code sometimes. Even so, throughout the story she did have several words of wisdom, and she kind of grew on me as the story went on.

Now, I do have to mention that this book has a creepy factor. It’s not as intense as her previous books, but there were several creepy moments for me. The one that sticks out the most is when the dollhouse came on the scene. I won’t divulge more information than that, but let me just say the hairs on my arms were standing up for a few moments! The thing is, Wright can creep me out without totally scaring me, and that’s what makes her books so uniquely amazing.

I also have to mention how much I love Collin’s character. I giggled every time he said some non-American catch phrase. I think he might be my favorite hero from Wright’s novels. He was just so charming, and everytime I hear someone say “love”, I’m going to think of him!

Like each story, Wright brings the past and present together in a remarkable way. I loved both storylines equally, and actually like that we found out a little bit about how they intertwined early in the story. I will say once I hit about 2/3rd’s of the way through, there was no way I was putting the book down until I reached the end. Work and family didn’t matter lol. I need to get to the end!

I’m a huge fan of Wright’s novels, and this one just reminds me why. She writes eerily wonderful storylines, all while giving readers a beautiful message of God’s love. The only bad thing about finishing this book so fast is that I have to wait until the next one releases!

“Call the police? And tell them what? Elijah’s in my backyard piecing together dry bones?”

Apparently, even a ninety-two-year-old woman could tell a handsome man when she saw one.”

“Grief was a lonely occupation, made worse with time’s ticking cadence.”

“You have all the sense of an addlepated muskrat.”

“Sometimes, Agnes, you must step outside of your own strength and realize there’s a greater Strength waiting to hold you.”

“…don’t let grief tie your years up into a lifetime of regrets. Let the good Lord take care of your aches and heal you.”

Jaime Jo Wright

Daphne du Maurier and Christy Award-Winning author, Jaime Jo Wright resides in the hills of Wisconsin writing suspenseful, mysteries stained with history’s secrets. Jaime lives in dreamland, exists in reality, and invites you to join her adventures at!

Do you like reading creepy books? Which one of Jaime Jo’s is your favorite?

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  1. I do like to read creepy books. Especially Jaimie’s ! Each one is so unique. I love them all!

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