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Welcome! How has your week been? I’ve been trying to catch up on my gigantic TBR list, and so far so good. I hope I can keep pace. I just might be caught up someday….well until I check my mailbox again. Oh the woes of a book reviewer. Let’s face it. Books make me happy, so I don’t care how far behind I get I will always enjoy reading 🙂

This week I am going to share a first line from a book I have been looking forward to reading for awhile. It is the third book in The Nikki Boyd Files by Lisa Harris, Pursued. I have really enjoyed reading some suspenseful stories lately. I think they keep me young, or on my toes, or constantly looking over my shoulder. But I love them! I need a good shake up now and then. It can’t all be romance!

Here we have it. The first line Friday for this week is:

Pursued (The Nikki Boyd Files Book #3) by [Harris, Lisa]

11:24 am

Flight 1545 from Houston to Nashville.

Nikki Boyd grabbed the armrest of the aisle seat as the plane hit another air pocket and the fasten seat belt flickered on above row 29 on the airbus.

That’s all you get for today. Now I know that doesn’t sound very suspenseful, but trust me, it gets better!

Purchase your copy here!

So, tell me what you’re reading today and be sure to tell me the first line! I love reading them all and have added some books the past few weeks to my TBR pile because of it. Speaking of which, do you have a large TBR pile? I hope it’s not as big as mine! Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Right now, one of the books I am reading is “Come With Me” by Suzanne Eller. The first line is “It matters little that I was seven years old.”

  2. Ooooh! I want to read that! Happy Friday! My first line is: “For a moment she couldn’t breathe, and then the barest whisper passed her lips – half spontaneous praise half simple awe. ‘Oh my… I’ve found Paradise!’ ” From Spring Raine by Delia Latham


    Honor the Lord you heavenly beings: honor the Lord for his glory and strength. Honor the Lord for the glory of his name. Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness. Psalm 29:1-2

    I HAVE FLOWN A LOT OF MILES in the past twenty years, so not surprisingly, I take many things about the experience for granted. From Worship Changes Everything by Darlene Zschech

  4. I have read and reviewed the second book in this series, and I absolutely loved it! It was such an engaging book. I have this book on my Kindle, and I know I still need to go back and read the first book in the series. I agree with you…no matter how far behind I get in my reviews, I will still always love reading. 🙂

  5. Ah, I so know that “catch-up” feeling. This week has been more of a reading week with me as I’ve been sick. I think I finished three books this week (not including short ones). 🙂 That’s a bonus for me. I’m trying to decide what to read tonight. 😉

    One of these days I’ll try Lisa Harris. 😉 Sounds neat!

  6. Oh my. My TBR list is almost too long to count! LOL Certainly more than I can get through as fast as I would like. And I keep adding more to it, thanks to my wonderful fellow FLF bloggers. Speaking of TBR’s, if you haven’t already, I think you may wish to add The Patriot & The Loyalist by Angela K. Couch to your list. It’s certainly suspenseful! I’ll be reviewing it this Monday on my blog (& I may be starting a giveaway then too. Shh! 😉 ), so I’ll share the first line from that book:

    South Carolina, November 1780
    Daniel Reid slowed his horse and sucked air into his lungs as he reined to the road’s grassy edge.

  7. I am reading The Noble Servant by Melanie Dickerson (ARC from NetGalley) “Where do you think you are going looking like a beggar?”

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