First Line Friday – Food Edition

Welcome to First Line Friday hosted by Hoarding Books! Today we are talking about books with great food in them. I really wanted to post a cookbook, but I decided against it. I’m a little stuffed from Thanksgiving, so I thought I would keep it light 😉

Today I’m sharing the fist line from Buying Love from Toni Shiloh. Have you read this book? Oh my word it’s got some good food in it. Maple is a star, and she has created some interesting recipes that I would love to get my hands on! Okay, before my mouth salivates even more… is your first line!

Buying Love: A Maple Run Novel (The Maple Run Series Book 1) by [Shiloh, Toni]
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Nina Warrenton checked her watch for the umpteenth time.


And now it’s your turn to share your first line! Grab the book nearest to you and share the first line in the comments. Don’t forget  to check out what everyone else is reading at the new home for First Line Friday at Hoarding Books!

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4 thoughts on “First Line Friday – Food Edition

  1. Tom Foster leaned toward me and extended the file. “You’re the one to do the initial interview on this. With your background in Lancaster County, I’m counting on you.” The case concerned an Old Order Amish family by the name of Stoltz and a contaminated well, possibly caused by fracking on their property.
    A Plain Leaving by Leslie Gould

  2. I am dying to give this author a try!

    My first line is from Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter which I will be reading shortly!

    There was nothing like a letter from the IRS to stop a man in his tracks,

    Have a great weekend!

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