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Happy Friday! I’m doing things a little different today. Instead of sharing the first line of this book, I actually put my favorite line in my review – so look for that instead. 🙂 It’s a FirstLineFriday/Review all in one.

And the author? Well, it’s the fabulous Sondra Kraak! Do you know her? She is awesome. So sweet, kind, and fun to be with. I got to meet her this summer at CFRR. Actually, she was the very first person I hugged when I got to the hotel. I hope she didn’t mind the fact that I had just been in the car for like twelve hours! And then….we had lunch together the next day. Well, there were other fabulous women there too, but it was a blast. Here we are after lunch (good thing our faces were clean, ha!)


Anyways, I recently read her book, Such A Hope and absolutely loved it. I do hope you’ll give it a try. And look for my favorite line in my review!

About the Book
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Seattle, 1871 Anna Warren grew up on the seat of a wagon, the daughter of Seattle’s busiest freighter. After her father’s death—a tragedy away from home—she returns to their cabin on the outskirts of Seattle, seeking the sense of belonging that eluded her childhood. But will her desire to pray for miraculous healing for the sick and wounded endear or alienate her to the community? Her most aggravating challenger is also her staunchest defender and has brown hair and eyes, stands six feet tall, and farms with unchecked tenacity. Tristan Porter. This farmer her father had befriended holds more secrets than Yesler’s Mill holds logs. When ugly rumors arise about her spiritual gift and her property, Anna fears her quest to find belonging will be thwarted. Tristan holds the truth to set her free, but revealing it will require him to face the disappointments of his past and surrender his plans for the future—a sacrifice he’s not sure he can make. A tender Christian love story that not only entertains but encourages the heart to receive the healing and grace of the Heavenly Father.

My Perspective

I love Sondra Kraak’s writing. It is beautiful, emotional, and just pulls you in. This story had me from page one all the way to the end. The best thing about it? I really felt that above being a fictional story, it was kind of a lesson in relying on the Lord and the wonderful power of prayer. Sondra is not afraid to show the gospel in her stories and that is one of the reasons I like them so much!

Mixed in with this powerful lesson is a bit of comedy. You don’t see it a ton, but when you do you’ll be sure to laugh. My favorite line is this:
“How was she to reconcile the Tristan who defended her with the Tristan who, at times, couldn’t stand to be around her? Like chicken gravy of fresh berries. A colossal mismatch.”
Best line ever! Oh my goodness, I read that line over about a dozen times, and wrote it down immediately. I’m not sure how she comes up with lines like this, but I hope to see more in the future!

Anna and Tristan did fight their attraction to each other, but I actually liked it in this book. I liked the tension between them, and seeing them wrestle with their feelings. Bottom line is this story is fantastic. Make sure you read it and devour it. It is a home run in my book! I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Now it’s your turn! Share the first line from the book nearest to you in the comments below, and be sure to check out what everyone else is reading at the new home for First Line Friday at Hoarding Books!

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22 thoughts on “First Line Friday – Review Style

  1. I still need to read this! *sigh*

    I’m featuring the SECOND line from Crystal Walton’s ‘Just Maybe’ on my blog this week (Carrie has the first line on Reading is my Superpower). But here, I’m going to share the first line from my current read: a speculative novel called ‘Day Moon’ by Brett Armstrong. Here’s the first line:

    “The drizzle tapped on the coffin with an increasing intensity.”

  2. This is #Truth! Jessica told me she loved Sondra’s writing ‘before’, not ‘after’ she met her. It was my introduction to Sondra as a new name to me, and I’m so glad Jessica gave ‘the word of mouth’ advertising authors love. Congratulations, Sondra! This sounds awesome!

  3. I love Sondra’s stories also!! I’m eagerly anticipating her new release. I had a early sneak peak at the cover, and let me just tell you it’s gorgeous!

    The first line on my blog this week is from Toni Shiloh’s latest book ‘Returning Home’. I’ll share with you here a book that I just started reading last night.

    June 1811
    A London lady never sallied forth unchaperoned. Least of all to a place with the reputation of Vauxhall Gardens. — First Comes Marriage by Amanda Barratt
    The Regency Brides Collection

  4. Here is my first line from The Welcome Home Diner by Peggy Lampman

    If you’re the last person to leave Detroit, don’t forget to turn off the lights.

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Ooh, this looks like something I need to read. Thanks for sharing!

    I’m featuring Lu. by Beth Troy on my blog today, but here I shall share the book I’m currently reading.

    “They rode in silence, the murmur of Alex’s expensive late-model white SUV lulling Astrid into drowsiness.”
    -Colors of Christmas by Olivia Newport

    Happy Weekend!

  6. Happy Friday! I want to share the first line from the first chapter instead of from the prologue: (This is a REALLY fun book to read!)

    A New Shade of Summer by Nicole Deese:

    “I jiggled the locked doorknob again and wished, not for the first time, that it was legal to use tranquilizer darts on adolescent boys.”

  7. It was so fun to meet authors and other bloggers at CFRR! Looking forward to it again next year!

    I shared the first line of April McGowan’s Hold the Light today.

    Here’s the first line of the book I just finished reading:

    “How can I help?”
    from The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay

  8. Just finished The Captivating Lady Charlotte by guess who? Carolyn Miller! Number two in this Regency series!

    The room glimmered with a thousand points of sparkling light, the bright glow from the enormous crystals-dropped chandelier glinting off heavily beaded gowns, ornate mirrors, and the desperation shining in dozens of pairs of eyes.

  9. I have this one in my TBR. Happy Friday!

    Wednesday,September 2, 1987

    Mike Dolan was snoring when the telephone rang. Fly Away by Lynn Austin

  10. Thank you ad you ladies sound like you had a fun time together. I do like finding terrific books for my 2 sisters and my oldest 2 daughters. Thanks for sharing.

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