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Let’s face it, when we come across an author’s name that we’re not familiar with we all have the same question. What kind of books do you write? And sometimes we notice that if we are so familiar with an author and then they surprise us with a new genre, we find ourselves again asking, what kind of books do you write, because I was thinking it was XXX (you can fill in the blank here).For example, Amy Lillard. Only ever known her as an Amish author, until I came across Loving a Lawman. Wow…that was not an amish book. And recently, I read Healing a Heart, the second book in this series. Again, not an amish book, but I loved it! So, after you hear my perspective on Healing A Heart, make sure you stay tuned to see what kind of writer Amy Lillard is. There just might be a giveaway at the end 🙂

About the Book

Rancher Jake Langston prides himself on being the sensible type. But five years after the loss of his wife left him to raise their daughter alone, he indulges in a one-night stand with a sexy stranger. He thought he’d never see the woman again. Four months later, though, she’s standing in his drive with a big surprise.

Bryn Talbot wants nothing from the hunky cowboy who got her pregnant, but her Southern nature demands she at least tell him about it. When Jake’s family persuades her to stay for a while, she’s soon won over by their charms—and by Jake. But with the losses the two of them have suffered in the past, neither is sure if they’re ready to take the leap to forever…

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My Perspective

I was so glad to be back in Cattle Creek! While I love reading series, sometimes it is so hard because you have to wait months in between each installment. The days cannot pass by fast enough for me. I’ve missed the Langston family, but I didn’t realize how much I missed them until I started reading Healing a Heart.

Before I go on, I should disclose to you that this is not a clean read. I did notice a swear word and there were a couple of racy scenes. I know you may see Amy’s name and automatically assume. However, I think you can skip over these parts (they are a very small part of the book) and still enjoy the book if you are not into reading scenes like that. I typically am not, but I thought this book was still outstanding. I loved the chemistry between Jake and Bryn. With Ms. Lillard’s vibrant writing the ranch and characters came to life like a movie in my mind. And although I would absolutely love for these stories to be made into tv movies, I think it may ruin the images in my mind of the characters, especially Jake! (Possible book crush going on here)

You know what else makes this story great? It is an absolutely believable storyline. Sometimes life doesn’t always go as we plan and we have to improvise. Both Jake and Bryn showed wonderful character growth and what it means to improvise in life. And sometimes they had to learn things the hard way, but that’s okay. It makes for a great storyline and life lesson! I do hope there is more to come from Cattle Creek. I’m hoping a story about Chase in the future!! (hint hint, wink wink Ms. Lillard!)

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Ask the Author

What kind of books to you write Miss Amy?

Amy’s response:

It’s a question I get asked a lot. “Romances,” I say. “And mysteries. Mostly about the Amish. Though some are about cowboys. And millionaires. I write a few about millionaires. But those are romantic comedies.” And I ramble on for a bit. Most everyone follows this up with “Amish? And Cowboys? That’s a unique combination.”

And it is. But if you know the story behind it all, it’s not as odd as it may seem at first glance.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a land called the Virgin Islands, my sister-in-law and I decided to write a historical pirate romance. Like Pirates of the Caribbean, but not nearly as funny. That’s how I started writing. Well, writing seriously. From there I took a couple of things solo, but since we were still trying to publish together in the historical genre, I decided to write a contemporary romance. That book—after many re-writes and name changes—became Brodie’s Bride. And my love of contemporary romance started.

I’ve always loved romance novels, ever since I was in the seventh grade, so it was no big surprise to anyone around me when I started writing romance genre books. It was only natural.

But the road to publication can be hard, bumpy, and filled with potholes. And it took a while before I signed my first contract.

But that’s not exactly how it went. Somewhere in the ‘aughts’ I signed with an agent who was determined to sell my full-length, romantic comedy about a Yankee reporter who is accused of murder in small town Tennessee. But we were having problems finding it a home. Not that we were giving up. I even had a few shorter projects that I had submitted to some small, independent houses.

And then it happened. I called my agent one day and she told me to stop whatever I was working on and write an Amish romance. Huh? Was she serious? Turned out she was. And the book I was working on? Loving a Lawman, Book 1 of the Cattle Creek Series.

In June of that year, I signed a contract with a small house to publish Brodie’s Bride and in September I signed a contract for my first Amish romance series. My career took off in two different directions in a few short months.

See? It all makes perfect sense.

My Amish heroes and my cowboy heroes aren’t really all that different. Take away their outward appearances and they are decent, hardworking, God-fearing men. They will do dang-near anything for the women they love. They adore their children, their family, and their community. From Gideon (my first Amish hero) to Jake Langston, fifteenth most eligible bachelor in Texas, these men are loyal, true, and kind, even if sometimes they hide it from the world.

Jake Langston, hero in Healing a Heart, Book 2 of the Cattle Creek Series, is a different sort of hero. Like Gideon he is grieving. He’s heartbroken. He needs love but thinks that his life is fine just the way it is. But then Bryn enters the picture and everything changes. A one night stand and four months later, Bryn and Jake are pregnant. And as far as he’s concerned this is the last thing he needs. Note: Heroes aren’t known for being right or quick on the uptake.

So how does Bryn bring him around? Well, she—Wait. I can’t tell you that. You’ll have to read the book for yourself to see how one Georgia woman with a chunk of purple hair brings a prideful, handsome cowboy to his knees, then helps him to his feet once again.

And if you leave a comment below, you might be able to read it for free! That’s right! I’m giving away a signed copy of Healing a Heart to one lucky commenter. So tell me…what’s your favorite kind of romance hero? Cowboy? Amish? Billionaire? Bad boy? (I have to admit, I love them all!)


Okay reader friends, you heard Miss Amy. Comment for your chance to win!! Please be sure to include your email address (in safe format of course) so that we can contact you if you win. Otherwise we may not be able to find you 🙂

PS – My answer to her question? It used to be Amish without a question. But between these books by Amy, and the Longest Ride my Nicholas Sparks, suddenly cowboys are on my radar!! Yep. Cowboys it is.

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    1. Alecia you are our winner! I have emailed you to get your contact information. Please respond, or send your full name and mailing address to pjcbaker (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you and congrats!

  1. My favorite kind of romance hero is a guy who is not too forward, a little reserved with a sense of humor. He should also be hard working and have great manners and know how to have fun while respecting others. I think the character traits are more important than in what kind of book I can find the hero! I like most all kinds of christian genres.

    1. I love Amish but I have to say after reading Loving a Lawman, I think I’m in love with cowboys now too 🙂

  2. Enjoyed this post! My favorite romance hero is Amish and cowboy. Would love to win a copy of Amy’s newest book! Thanks for the opportunity!
    jtabalk (at) hotmail (dot) com

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