Thank you for visiting A Baker’s Perspective! I will be sharing great books, failures and accomplishments in my kitchen, and what’s happening in my crazy life. Here’s a little background to get you started.

My poor husband is the only male in the house. There’s me, my twelve year old daughter, Bella the beagle, and our fish (whom we like to call female just to rag on hubby). We used to have a female cat, but unfortunately old age got the best of her and she is no longer with us. ?  My husband and daughter have a beautiful relationship, one I always dreamed my daughter would have with a daddy. She tells him everything. Mom on the other hand, well she just hears bits and pieces. But that’s okay because when it comes to the important stuff, she knows where to find me. Have a pre-teen is great. No, really. Sure there are mood swings and school drama, but at the end of the day I’ve got a great kid. And yes I can say that because I’m mom!

I work full time while my husband is a stay at home dad. He helps around the house when he can and carpools our daughter wherever she needs to go. He attends every sports game, every concert, and every school activity she’s involved with. He’s a pretty good guy if I say so myself. Don’t worry though, he has his moments. Lets be honest, I certainly have my fair share of moments too. All wives and moms do! Fortunately I have a very loving church family that I can count on to help me and pray for me when things are getting a little hairy. I would be lost without them and am so thankful God led us to this lovely little church.

When I’m not working, taking care of the family, cooking, or at church, I love to read. I will read anything. Okay, let’s reword that. Anything that is not scary, full of foul language, or that I feel my daughter couldn’t read. I’d say that I have a couple favorite authors, but the truth is I have a hundred favorites! It is rare for me to find a book I dont like, and even if I didn’t totally enjoy it I find myself reading to the very end to find out what happens to the characters. Books are my escape from the real world. I find myself becoming friends with the characters, and can feel the emotions with them throughout the book. I hate to see a story end – I’m always hoping for a sequel. Hint, hint all you authors out there!

So I hope to see you around. Please share your thoughts, books you are reading, tips in the kitchen and more. I look forward to getting to know you!

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