His Encouragement – Another verse from the Old Testament


Good morning friends. This week I started an in depth study of Noah with my young youth group.It’s such a familiar story that we all know, but when you take the time to dive in and really see more then the ark, you can learn quite a bit from it. We’re starting at the beginning, at the time when the earth was full of wickedness. This angered God, and he was ready to wipe out the whole earth, both man and beast. But then, there comes this verse……..


“But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. ”   Genesis 6:8


It seems like such a simple verse, doesn’t it? One that we probably read and don’t think too much about. But as I read that, I decided to stop and have a conversation with the kids about it. The ENTIRE world was wicked around Noah and his family. Out of the entire planet, Noah found grace in the eyes of God. Noah. One man. In a world full of darkness, God saw one ray of light and he found that in Noah. And that one ray of light? Well it changed everything. It saved his family. It saved himself. It is such a great testimony for us to learn from. Later on, God told Noah to build the ark and he did. It didn’t matter to Noah what the people around him said. I’m sure they mocked him and took joy in laughing at him. But Noah still kept going, and God blessed him for that. Was he always perfect? No. No one is – we’re just human. So how does this apply to me?

Think of our world today. There is tons of darkness around us. In our country, our states, our counties, and our communities. There is also light, from us and other believers. At least we have fellow believers shining the light – Noah didn’t have any! If God can see one little light in Noah in a world completely lost in darkness, he can see your light too. He will bless you, and you too, can find grace in the eyes of the Lord. Just keep trusting in Him, talk with Him, lean on Him. Follow in the footsteps of Noah. When the world is telling you that you are a fool for following God, follow Him anyway. I promise you friends, you will not regret it one bit.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this verse today, and your heart. Yes, God calls us to be a people standing apart. A light on a hill shining for Him.

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