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Happy Thursday my friends! It’s time to get a dose of encouragement to help you through your week!

Yesterday my daughter started school again, first day of her junior year! First of all, I cannot believe I am the mother of a junior. I mean, wasn’t I just a junior a few years ago?? My daughter goes to public school. It may not be our first choice, but it is what is necessary for our family. Now that she is older, school is a little harder. Not the classes themselves, but the people. Our school district is heavy into “acceptance” of all views and agendas. Drugs are big in the school, although administration tries to sweep it under the rug. The girls will easily give themselves up to a guy and dress to show it. Scary isn’t it? It was like that back when I went to school too.

So why do I allow my daughter to go there? Well first of all, I have to work, for reasons that are not meant for this blog post. And because I have to support our family by working, I cannot be there with her at home to home school. We’ve thought about private school, but don’t agree with the teachings and beliefs of the local Christian school. Here’s the thing. If there are no Christians in our public schools, who will minister to those kids? Who will set the example on a daily basis of how to live a Christian life? My daughter is not ashamed of her faith, and she’s had friends in the past that she’s shared it with. No, they did not pray for salvation right then and there, but the seed was planted. How? Because Caitlin goes to a public school, met some friends that have no gospel in their homes, and opened up her heart to them.

Lately God has been showing Caitlin who her friends should and should not be. This is hard for a fifteen year old in a public school I want to tell you. She had a girl that she was friends with last year admit that she tried some drugs and liked it. Caitlin was astonished and basically told the girl that it was wrong (in a loving way mind you), and if she was to continue down that path they wouldn’t be spending a lot of time together. A few years ago Caitlin sat with a group of friends at lunch that were constantly picking on people and talking about people behind their backs. Instead of joining in, she politely excused herself, told the girls in private why she left, and found somewhere else to sit.

Caitlin said something the other day while preparing for school that really hit home for me. She said, “Mom, I’m pretty much alone in school.” And to an everyday person looking from the outside, that may seem true. Reality tells us it’s not.


Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he [it is] that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. Deuteronomy 31:6


Our wonderful, awesome and powerful God is with Caitlin every moment of every day. He alone can get her through the next two years. I’ve reminded her that schooling is temporary, and she will not be with these people forever. I also remind her that this is a great lesson for her – how to exist in the world while still honoring God. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it feels like it’s taking forever. But God tells us to not be afraid and to have courage because He is right there beside us!


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4 thoughts on “His Encouragement – Back to School

  1. Public school is tough. I wanted to go to a Christian school myself but wasn’t able to. My husband was homeschooled. I know people that have differing views on each method of education. While I agree in not liking public school, hearing what you say about how your daughter is and the heart she has, I believe the Lord is able to use her as a light in a dark place. She has now witnessed what life is like for people outside of the US. She has expressed a desire to please God with her life. Public schools need more light. Hopefully she is able to see her opportunity to be a light instead of focusing on the dark around her. Hope she enjoys her Junior year!

  2. As a teacher in a public school, I see things and hear things daily that stretch me to my limits. I feel alone. I totally get your daughter and will be praying for her. Excellent verse today. It is a great reminder that God is with us always.

  3. I’ll be praying for Caitlin! She is a missionary in her school. She may be the only person shining Gods light, but she is never alone. God walks with her every step!

  4. I just want to encourage your daughter. My kids went to public schools (and I work in one), and my oldest recently connected with two of her best friends from middle school and high school. Neither friend was a Christian in school, and they gave her a fair amount of grief for spending her summers at a church camp, but both have since found Christ! One of them told my daughter that when she thinks of what it means to be a Christian, she thinks about our family. Wow. Your daughter is such a missionary, just by being there, and no effort to show her friends God’s love will be wasted, no matter how far from Christ they may seem. Blessings to you and your whole family for being there!

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