His Encouragement – Being a Good Wife

Hello dear friends! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a sort of hiatus from the blog, posting only those posts which I was required too. The end of the year was extremely busy for me, and I wanted to take some time off to spend with my family, reboot myself, and work on some fun new projects! Lord willing, you will see a post early next week on some exciting things my daughter and I are doing, as well as some changes for me 🙂

The beginning of the year is always a time for reflection for me. What did I do in 2018 that I was proud of, and what did I do that I regret? I have to share with you – it has been my goal for years to read the bible from start to finish in one year. Seems so simple for some people, but for this busy girl, well I could just never quite get through the year. In fact, every time I tried I always got stuck in the same spot – Old Testament around Samuel. A friend of mine at church knew how frustrated I was, and on December 31 of 2017, she let me borrow of a book of hers, Praying Through the Bible for Your Kids. It had scripture to read everyday (Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs), a little devotional, and prayer guidance.

At first I was a little hesitant, and was so scared I was just setting myself up for failure. But then I found myself enjoying my reading everyday. It was nice to have other portions of scripture to read when reading some difficult Old Testament books. And I kind of stayed away from doing any bible studies last year. I know, shame on me. But I wanted to make sure I put 100% focus on reading the bible through the year. Trust me, the Lord spoke to me throughout the year in doing so. And on December 31, 2018 I read my last portion of scripture. I was so excited and gave my friend a HUGE hug! I’m here to tell you friends that you can do this too! I’ll admit, there were days I missed. But I just found myself devouring the Word even more to catch up. It was and is such a blessing to have done that.

So this year I am going to do bible studies all year. I want to focus on specific things in my spiritual life and feel that this is the best way to do that. I will still read my bible everyday, just in a different way! My first bible study of the year is A Woman After God’s Own Heart. I had done a similar study in the past, and have had this book and question book in my room for a couple of years just waiting for me to pick them up. I tell you this because it’s actually where today’s verse comes from.

One of my focuses this year is to be a better wife and mother. I want to be the wife God called me to be, and I want to be an even better example for my daughter. This week there is a certain portion of scripture that I have read time and time again, but am now seeing in a new light. It comes right from the beginning of the bible.

And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

Genesis 2:18

In my study right now, I am really focusing on the words “help meet”. God designed women to be a helper to their husbands. Now obviously I know this, but I never really dug deep and thought about it like I have been these past two weeks. Friends, helping your husbands is an important part of marriage. I must admit that I take my husband for granted, and have admitted that to him. Our circumstance is a little different than most because of his transplant years ago. I am the income provider, and he is the stay at home parent. Quite often I come home from work and don’t feel like cooking, doing dishes, or cleaning. I don’t want to be bothered by laundry. I don’t want to spend my entire Saturday cleaning. Some weeks my husband helps out tremendously, and some weeks he doesn’t. You can imagine my attitude on the off weeks.

What I’m learning, and starting to put into practice is putting him first and me last, in everything. I can easily put him first in so many things, but when there’s a rough week at work and I don’t want to be bothered by home stuff, my selfish nature tends to come out. So far this year I have been good about doing my part, without complaining. I try to have things done in the morning so he has the day free to do what he wants to do. I’ve asked him how I can help him. Even in the short amount of time doing this, it has been a huge blessing. As I continue to dive into this study, I know there will be more changes. Changes in my attitude, my prayer life, my day to day activities, and our marriage. But I look forward to them!

Sorry for the long winded post, but sometimes you just have to tell all, right!? I encourage you to do this bible study if you haven’t already. It’s brought me closer to the Lord and my husband, and I’m just getting started!

What’s been on your heart this week friends? I hope you’ll share in the comments, and please don’t forget to visit my friends and see what they’re sharing this week!

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4 thoughts on “His Encouragement – Being a Good Wife

  1. I found this so interesting. It is a subject that I think about a lot. My hubby has been there for me doing a lot of things because I am waiting for a transplant. I try to find things I can do for him and encouragement always seems to be what I can do. He and my daughter take wonderful care of me.

  2. Love this post! My husband and I had a quick discussion on taking each other for granted. It happens and you don’t even know it. Life gets so overwhelming. Get to work, do my job, come home, Bella’s homework, husband goes to work, make dinner, clean up dinner, Bella’s nighttime routine, story time, prayers, go to bed. Where is the time to be the wife I need to be to my husband, especially when he and I work opposite schedules? It’s very easy to forget about my hubby. BUT GOD. He has helped me see the moments when I am able to show my husband I see him.

  3. Thank you, Jessica for sharing your heart today with this text! It is easy to overlook and take for granted those loved ones in our lives that are the closest. Our husbands, our parents, etc. It is a good reminder to stop and take stock. Makes me think when was the last time that I took out the trash and didn’t just assume that because my husband always does it that I shouldn’t need to think about it. And not just that, but other little things that he does that I take for granted. It’s so easy to settle into a routine, and not even think about what the other person is doing and how can I help make their load lighter.

  4. Love your post today! I read A Woman After God’s Own Heart a few years ago. I hope you enjoy it! You’ve shared a lot to think about today. Marriage roles can often be a tough subject to discuss in today’s world because it looks so different from the past. In many families today both the husband and the wife work (or like in your case, it’s the wife instead of the husband). It leads to changes in responsibilities both inside and outside of the home. Learning how to juggle it all while continuing to consider one another in love and not selfishness can be quite the difficult task, but is very necessary for a healthy marriage and life.

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