His Encouragement – Being Thankful During Tough Times


Hello friends! We’ve reached the day in the week where we could use a little encouragement to help us make it to the end. How has your week been? Have you been suffering? Doubtful? Hurt? Sad? Thankful? Made you read that word twice didn’t I? It’s hard to be thankful when we’re going through a tough time, trust me I know. It’s easy to look back after the fact and then be thankful. But have you ever considered being thankful during your trial or tribulation?

The bible has a LOT of verses about being thankful, and what better month to promote that then November. Last night in my youth group class, I had the kids look in their concordance for the words thanks, thankful and thanksgiving. We looked up several bible verses about when, how and why we should be thankful. Want to know a secret? They all said the same thing – we need to be thankful for Jesus. We need to be thankful for our salvation. We need to be thankful that God knows our every need, and takes care of every single one. We need to be thankful that God is with us, even during our trials. But how can we do that?


These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

The bible is quick to remind us that Jesus has already won the fight. The biggest fight in the history of the world! Our trials are nothing in comparison to this, even though at the time they feel like it. And please don’t think that I don’t know how hard it is to be thankful when faced with something horrible – I do. I’m preaching to myself here! But I am certainly going to try to change my outlook on the situation from here on out. I’m going to go to the Lord in prayer, and be thankful that I’m going through something, knowing that in the end it will help my walk with Him. And I’m going to thank the Lord for being right beside me the entire way.
On another note, this month our church celebrates Thanks For Giving. We make it a point to thank people in our church who have made a difference in our lives. It could be a prayer warrior, someone in the music ministry, youth ministry, friend, someone who helped in a time of need, or whatever. I encourage you to do the same. It’s a nice way to remind people that they are appreciated 🙂

What’s been on your heart this week friends? I hope you’ll share in the comments, and please don’t forget to visit my friends and see what they’re sharing this week!


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4 thoughts on “His Encouragement – Being Thankful During Tough Times

  1. It is sure not easy to be thankful when you are in the middle of a trial. But if you think about it, when things are going great, do we think of God as much? People tend to turn to God more when facing a trial. We suddenly see our weakness and our need. We are reminded that we can’t do things on our own.
    This past summer when I went through my cancer scare and had surgery. I grew so much closer to God and learned just how to continue praising Him in the storm!

  2. This! I needed this post today. ?
    I get bogged down by life so easily and I stop seeing all God gives me. I’ve got to remember to keep my focus on Him. I’ve got to be thankful no matter what!

  3. What a great reminder to be thankful, especially during times of trouble. Also, “Thanks for giving,” is a great idea! I think I might try that at my own church. 🙂

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