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Hello my friends. It’s been months since I’ve participated in His Encouragement, and for a variety of reasons. For a lot of people COVID made life a little slower. Enabled more time for things like blogging, reading, and the other things in life you wish you had more time for. For me, it was the exact opposite. I became more busy at work. And somehow that transferred to more busy at home. And so, the blog has taken a back burner. If you’re a regular follower, you’ve probably noticed I don’t post that often – just the bare minimum.

We’ve had some HUGE changes at work, and none of them have been good. That’s another stresser that’s been in my life. Honestly, I felt like I wasn’t in the right place to share God’s Word with others during these past few months. Yes, I was still reading my bible regularly (I’m doing a read the bible in a year plan), but I just felt like I didn’t have anything to give. I hope this makes some sort of sense.

I’m still miserable at work. I heard a few messages this week at church that really spoke to my heart. About life, my walk with the Lord, and most importantly right now – work. I won’t lie, I hate it. I do not like the new company at all (went through a merger). And my selfish prayer has been for months that God would remove me from this place. That He would open a door for me to leave and still be able to support my family.

He hasn’t done that.

I’m still there.

I’m miserable.

I want out.

For a while I considered that God just wasn’t answering my prayer. Maybe I wasn’t faithful enough. Maybe I wasn’t praying correctly. Maybe I was being punished for having such a negative attitude.

But God doesn’t do that. He answers ALL of our prayers. Every. Single. One.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

neither are your ways my ways,

saith the Lord.

Isaiah 55:8

The thing is, God knows. He knows everything. And He is answering my prayer – just not the selfish way I want Him to. He convicted my heart this week that perhaps He has a greater reason for me still being at this job. The verse above reminds me that I need to trust Him in this, because His ways are always way better than mine. And who knows why I am still there.

Maybe there’s something amazing coming down the road that I just can’t see yet.

Maybe I’ll be able to witness to someone who doesn’t know the Lord.

Maybe I need to provide encouragement to others during this difficult time.

Maybe, just maybe, this is where God wants me to be for awhile.

Yeah, it’s a super hard pill to swallow. When we don’t get our own way, it is often tough to hear. But now, slowly, I am changing my prayers. Instead of get me out, I’m asking for God to show me wisdom in why I’m still there. I’m asking Him to open a door if He chooses, not because I said so. And, I’m asking Him to change my heart on the matter.

So there you have it my friends. Me pouring a little bit of my heart out to say that hopefully I will be back in the game. Things are still crazy, but I honestly miss blogging. I do. I miss sharing things with all of you. So please forgive me. And I hope that you’ll welcome me back. Because I hope, slowly, I can start posting more often.

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2 thoughts on “His Encouragement – God’s Ways

  1. Your post has spoken to my heart! Specifically, “The thing is, God knows. He knows everything. And He is answering my prayer – just not the selfish way I want Him to.” Oh. My. Word!!! I have definitely learned this lesson lately. God does always answer prayers, it just that He’s not a geni. He’s God. He’s the Boss. He has a story to write. It’s my job to work in His will. This is not always easy, but I’m learning. 😀❤

  2. Think we all need a good shaking and remember that it’s his plan not ours. As flawed people, we often lose sight on that little detail. And honestly sometimes its the unanswered prayers that we should be the most thankful for. It’s very hard to ask questions like why is this disease doing so much harm – Why did this community get hit AGAIN by storms – or even Why was it my loved one that died? It’s not for us to understand all the time. It’s ours to turn over to God and allow him to show us the way he would have us to go.

    Praying that your situation at work resolves to where it more joyful to show up for work thereby lightening the burdens that dampen your spirit. I honestly believe that next week will be brighter and next month even more so and eventually the crisis’ created in 2020 will be no more. Doesn’t mean there won’t be more problems, more illness and more disasters. It will just mean that we have proved we can make it through with God’s help once and can do it again if need me.

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