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Hello friends! I have a short post today, but at the end I need to ask you a favor. So hang with me, ok?


Tomorrow my nephew is leaving to go to Texas with ten other teenagers to help those affecting by the flood. They are driving! For those of you who don’t know, we live in Central NY, so it is not just a hop, skip and a jump! But they want to help those in need and were saving on the high cost of airfare. Someone asked him why he was doing this. His answer was simple really, he wanted to help.

I got thinking about all the things the bible says about helping others, and this verse popped up.


 “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”  Galatians 6:2


Whether he realizes it or not, my nephew is bearing another person’s burdens and taking them on himself, along with all the other people going. It’s not so easy to do, really. We tend to be selfish, and want to know how things will affect us individually before deciding on other factors. But God wants us to sympathize, be there for others, and help out in any way we can. I am so grateful for my nephew and the other’s going with him. May we all use that as an example if being Christ-like!

So, that favor I was going to ask you about? Please pray for my nephew and the kids going with them. Pray they get there safe. Pray they make a different in some one’s life. I appreciate it!

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8 thoughts on “His Encouragement – Nephew leaving the coop

  1. Jessica, I’ll be praying for your nephew and the group he’s going with. Safe travels and that they are able to not only help those in need but to also share God’s love with them.

  2. Will be praying for the group to be safe and to make a difference. Please pray for one of our sons and a son-in-law to find jobs. Thanks.

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