His Encouragement – Promises of the Bible 1

Hello friends! Welcome to another week of His Encouragement, a weekly dose of biblical encouragement to help get you through your week! I’m so honored to be able to share a verse with you each week, in hopes that it will help you, uplift you, and encourage you. 🙂

As promised, today I am starting a new series – Promises of the Bible. Each week I’m going to feature one of God’s promises from the bible, share it with you, but also take time to memorize it through the week. My hope is that I am able to memorize verses (which honestly is hard for me) that will bring me comfort when I need it most down the road.

To start, I want to look at maybe one of the most important promises. One that is used when witnessing to others, and one that is good for us to remember. I think sometimes in our Christian walk we can become a little judgmental. We may see someone and not witness to them because we don’t feel or think they could be saved. WRONG! Anyone can be saved! And amen for that.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Romans 10:13

The bible tells us a very important word – WHOSOEVER! That means anyone that calls on the Lord can be saved. Let me repeat that. ANYONE that called on the Lord can be saved! Hallelujah for that!

When we are witnessing to our friends, family, coworkers, or people we meet, we can assure them that even they can be saved. No matter their past, no matter their sin, no matter their situation, they can be saved. Do we feel worthy of salvation? I sure don’t. But that doesn’t mean I’m not saved. It just means that I am in awe of what the Lord has done for a filthy wretch as myself. But I need not question my salvation, because of this very promise. Even me, someone with a horrid past, who makes mistakes, and who doesn’t live a perfect life, can be saved. AMEN!

I’ve got this verse written on a note that I’ve put on my desk at work. I plan to put it somewhere in my house as well. I hope you’ll join me each week as I concentrate on another promise from the bible. Let us grow in our faith together!

What’s been on your heart this week friends? I hope you’ll share in the comments, and please don’t forget to visit my friends and see what they’re sharing this week!

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