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Happy Thursday friends! We’ve almost made it to the weekend, the time I look forward to the most. It’s time with family, time to breathe, and hopefully time to read!


We just finished a study in our Sunday night church about sharing the gospel with others. In fact, it was a study in how to present salvation to a person. We memorized the Romans road, practiced giving our own testimonies, and came up with ideas of how to bring up the topic with our loved ones. It was a wonderful class, and I took tons of notes. Salvation is so simple, yet it is so hard for us to talk about at times. At least, I know it is for me. You see friends, my parents aren’t saved. In fact, most of my family isn’t saved except for some cousins. I come from a mostly Atheist family. But God is so great, isn’t He? He brought me to my husband, and his immediate family is all saved. I am so very thankful for that, to be in a Christian home. Our daughter got saved at VBS years ago. I can have peace in knowing where we’re spending eternity, but it absolutely breaks my heart when I think about my parents and other loved ones, which is why this class was so important to me.


Why am I sharing this? Well, to remind you that the bible tells us that we are to share God’s Word with others. Not just our family either, everyone.


Jesus tells us in Matthew 28:19 –

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:


So ministering starts in our homes and our communities. But sometimes God calls us into the missions ministry. My daughter is 15, and has already started to feel that calling. I’m not going to lie, it absolutely scares me. Yes, I have faith that God will take care of her, but my fleshly motherly instincts have me worried. Our pastor and his wife have graciously offered to take Caitlin on her first missions trip this summer. They are going to Mexico to help a missions family that our church supports. They are spreading the gospel, trying to start a church, and working closely with children (which happens to be a passion of my daughters). Caitlin’s hope is that the Lord will speak to her during this trip, and show her if missions if what He wants for her future. Will you pray for her with me friends? They are currently fundraising for the trip, flying to Mexico from Central NY is not cheap. If you would like to support her, you can find out how here Caitlin’s Missions Trip.


I don’t know about you, but when a 15 year old is ready to share the gospel, well I find that very inspiring. She’s even been talking to her friend at school, who goes to church, but unfortunately their church does not teach the plan of salvation, so she is lost. If a 15 year old can share God’s Word with her best friend, I think I can try to spread the Word too. I hope this has offered you some encouragement friends. Don’t be ashamed of the gospel. God wants all to be saved and be with Him for eternity!!


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  1. Jessica, I’m praying that your daughter will be richly blessed on her upcoming mission trip. I know that God will use her to bless many others as she shares about His love!

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