Interview with Ross Holtz and a Giveaway!

Welcome to the blog tour for Are You in the Game or in the Way? Author Ross Holtz is hearing talking about the writing life and something he is working on for the future! Please join me in welcoming him to the blog today!

Front Cover

Book: Are You in the Game or in the Way?

Author: Ross Holtz

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Pastoral Resources

Release Date: March 10, 2017

Are You in the Game or in the Way?

A men’s ministry reality check: What is standing in the way of a vital men’s ministry in your church? 

The guy who should be at the forefront is often in the way of the program getting off the ground. 

·         Are you, as pastor, the main obstacle to the growth of a vital men’s ministry? 

·         Are you the guy who wants to start a men’s ministry in your church but don’t know how? 

·         Is fear or a sense of inadequacy keeping you from starting such a ministry? 

Pastor Ross Holtz tells his personal story of how he became a catalyst for growth, instead of an impediment will inspire pastors and men’s ministry leaders. 

What works, what doesn’t, and what is required in forming a vital men’s ministry. Practical and honest teaching filled with relevant and tested examples from recognizing the problem to finding the fix.  

Pastor Ross Holtz is a man who has earned the right to speak on ministering to and through men . . . One man’s journey from being a sceptic to a fully-engaged pastor who sees the power of a clear ministry to and through men . . . Pastor Ross bares his heart, and is, at times, brutally honest in a way that will resonate.  

—Chuck Stecker, president, A Chosen Generation

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Geoffrey Ross Holtz, DD, is founding and senior pastor of The Summit (ECFA) in Enumclaw. He was awarded “Pastor of the Year” in 2014 by the National Coalition of Ministries for Men. Ross and his wife, Athena, the founder and publisher of Redemption Press, have a blended family of eight adult children and seventeen grandchildren and enjoy time spent sailing.  

Welcome to A Baker’s Perspective! Can you start by telling us your favorite bible verse?

As an evangelical Christian, I suppose John 3:16 has to be in the top five, don’t you think? But, for me, in the later years of my life Romans 8:23-24 have become almost daily quotes.

How did the facts in this book come together?

I had been wanting to get a book written for several years, maybe decades. I just couldn’t find a topic that I thought I knew enough about, and there was need to be written about. Then I was at a Men’s Ministry conference and heard a major participant in ministries for men make the statement: “The number one obstacle to getting a men’s ministry started in a local church is the senior pastor.” I was a senior pastor, and I knew exactly what he was saying. I had been that obstacle. And, I had a solution to the problem for most pastors.

So from my years of experience, both good and bad, I put together a book to help churches solve that problem

What was your biggest hurdle in writing this?

For me, the biggest hurdle is to just get started. I can think about a project for a long, long time. But typing the first chapter is the major hurdle.

Polishing up the content for a final production is challenging for me also.

What do you want readers to gain from reading this?

I wanted the readers to gain an understanding of the problems, and the solutions, of what has been a major problem in churches forever. I wanted the readers to understand what was keeping one of the most important ministries from taking place, or from doing it half-heartedly.

What made you want to write non-fiction?

I didn’t pick non-fiction over fiction, it was just what I knew. It took me a long time to find a topic that I felt I had something to say of some significance. What I knew was non-fiction. I am hoping to write a novel pretty soon.

Do you like to write in silence, or with background noise?

I don’t listen to music. But, I do like white-noise when I write. I use a fan most of the year, and the window air conditioner in the summer. I like the idea of listening to inspiring music while I write, but I find myself thinking about he music instead of whatever I’m supposed to be thinking about.

What’s your favorite writing spot?

Barbados would probably be great spot. But, since that is out of the picture, I write in my upstairs study. We live in a very large old house so there are multiple rooms available to me. But I have settled in over the years to a small room up and away from anybody with solitude and good light.

What are you working on next?

I’m laying out a novel as my next project. I’ve wanted to try my hand at it for years. I read dozens of novels every year so I think I might really enjoy it once I get into it.

What authors have inspired you in the non-fiction world?

The authors that have inspired me tend to be the classic writers of Christian thought. I think I’ve read all of Francis Schaeffer’s books, each inspired me in some way. C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity was life changing for me, and I enjoy the biblical commentators of the 20th century like Carl Barth and Paul Tillich.

Did anything surprise you during the writing process for this book?

Nothing really surprised me during the writing of this book because I was writing about what I had experienced. This book called for almost no speculation on my part so there was nothing unexpected that showed up.

Have you ever considered writing in the fiction realm? Why or why not?

I have considered writing fiction, and am planning a novel now. I haven’t started the writing process yet, only jotting down ideas and potential story lines and plots. I expect it will challenging because I’ve not done it before, but, I read tons of novels so I think I might be somewhat competent once I get started.

Thank you for stopping by and chatting with me today!

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