Interview with Tammy Kirby

Welcome to the Celebrate Lit Blog Tour for Vengeance is Mine Saith Mi’Lord by Tammy Kirby. I’m thankful Tammy took time our of her busy schedule to answer a few quick questions!

About the Book

Book:  Vengeance is Mine Saith Mi’Lord

Author: Tammy Kirby

Genre:  Inspirational Victorian Romance

Release Date: October 9, 2019


Forced into a peer’s realm. Devastated by the death of his beloved sister. With vengeance burning a hole in his heart, will a distraught brother see the damage he’s causing in time to prevent the worst mistake of his life?

Kidnapped for a crime she didn’t commit. Ostracized from society. Can a broken debutante find the peace she craves at Haven House, or must she face her monsters over a ballroom—again?

Captain Nick Rutherford vows revenge against the man who murdered his sister. When the coward escapes, Nick discovers a way to flush him out. Never mind that what he proposes goes against everything he believes in.

Lady Piper Connor faces society’s whispers with her head high. When Captain Rutherford, the new Marquess of Blackwell, forces her to spend the night in his townhouse, she wants to hide in shame—for a moment. Is it wrong to feel relief when one is cast out of society?

Squaring her shoulders, she steps into the morning wearing the same clothes she’d worn to a ball the previous evening. Let them stare.

Join these two hurting people as they walk through overwhelming obstacles to find forgiveness and each other.

God loves her unconditionally, and that is enough. If only a certain marquess didn’t plague her thoughts.

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About the Author

Tammy Kirby holds an associate degree in Registered Nursing, a cosmetology license, and the title of author. When she’s not helping heal the sick, or dabbling in color, you can find her at her computer, giving life to the characters clamoring inside her head to be set free.

In 2018 she released her debut novel, His Grace Forgiven, the first book in the Victorian Inspirational Romance series, Haven House. She developed a love for reading at a young age. Beauty and the Beast is her favorite fairytale, and I Love Lucy her favorite tv show from childhood. That being said, you’ll always find one of her characters having some of the same characteristics in Tammy’s works.

She uses her writing to show God’s love and forgiveness through characters from hundreds of years in the past, who face the same problems people face today. Taking broken heroes and heroines and showing them this truth is her mission.

Tammy lives with her husband, Roger in Northeast Louisiana, where she spends her free time doting on grandchildren, reading, crocheting, sewing and, of course, writing about how the Lord can take any sin, no matter how bad and turn it into a blessing to glorify Him. Her desire is for her writing to speak to her readers in a way that draws them closer to the One who loves them above all.

Interview With Tammy

Welcome to the blog today! Can you tell us about any research trips you took while working on this book.

I have made 2 trips to England and Scotland since starting the series and planning another one for 2021. I walked some of the streets my characters lived on and actually stayed in one of the homes that has been turned into a hotel. We ambled through Hyde Park and ate ice cream by the Serpentine. Checked out the mews and Covent Garden.

What a blessing to have been able to travel like that! What’s your favorite bible verse?

Ephesians 6:10-19

Yes! We need to constantly be putting on our whole armour of God to get through our days! You’re on a stranded island and you can only have one book with you. What would you pick and why?

The Holy Bible. Because it is the most important book in the world and I am terrible at memorizing scripture. I wouldn’t want to be without my sword.

That would be my pick as well. What do you want readers to gain from reading this story?

How important forgiveness is and that God can take any sin and wash it clean. I want them to see hope in a hopeless world full of evil.

What a wonderful message for readers. Can you tell us what are you working on next?

I am currently working on the fourth installment for Haven House Hunt for Grace and a Scottish Time-travel Short Story I am writing with my friend, Carole Lehr Johnson.

How exciting! Thank you for talking with me today 🙂

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If you were trapped on a desert island, what book would you bring with you?

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  1. Thank you for the interview with Tammy Kirby and for being part of the Celebrate Lit Blog Tour for “Vengeance is Mine Saith Mi’Lord”.

    This is a new to me author but one I would love to get to know better through the opportunity to read her books.

  2. I loved the author interview. It is always nice to getting to know an author better and find out interesting facts about them.

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