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I featured this book on a First Line Friday post awhile ago, and kind of got behind in posting reviews, so my apologies for the delay. But finally, as I’m playing catch up, I can share with you my thoughts and this wonderful book! Yes, some tough topics arise. Emily has written them in beautifully, and honestly I appreciate having real life scenarios in my books. Give this book a try friends. It will be well worth it!


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Jake thought he was meant to marry Brooklyn, but now she’s pregnant, and he had nothing to do with it. As Brooklyn wrestles with questions about what her pregnancy means and how it will affect her relationship with Jake, she can’t bring herself to tell him the truth. To make matters worse, if the man who owns the bookstore across from Jake’s coffee shop, has anything to do with it, the baby will ruin them both. Can Jake and Brooklyn overcome the obstacles thrown in their path, and finally find the truth in God’s love and in each other?







Emily Conrad has made a statement with her debut novel (or at least I’m making one for her!). Look out world, I am not afraid to write about topics that some people gasp over. Yes, there are some difficult topics in this story (I can’t name them all because it would be a spoiler). In no way is she glorifying these things, but rather presenting them in a way that shows how God works things for the good, even those things that make us gasp or cry. Ms. Conrad wrote a beautiful story here, one that will stay with me for a long time.

Jake’s character is like a warm blanket – one that you always want around. I’ve mentioned to people that he is the type of man I want my daughter to marry. Kind, patient, loves the Lord, and wise beyond his years. Don’t get me wrong, Jake has his faults as you will see in this story. At times he angered me because he let his angry emotions get the best of him, but don’t we all? He was so very gentle with Brooklyn, never pushed or forced anything. **sigh** He makes you wonder how many men are actually out there in the world like him? Maybe we should give this book to all the young men out there to take some lessons.

As much as I loved Jake, I must admit that seeing Brooklyn’s walk and growth throughout this story was such a joy to read. She reminds me of many young women in this world, naïve, afraid to be loved, feeling of unworthiness, and in a sense stubborn. She has built a wall up around herself that only certain characters seem to be able to get through – about two in fact. I love the knitting group that she goes to. We should all have a similar group on women who can guide us and help us.

Love, redemption and forgiveness are in the forefront of this book. Whether it’s two businesses battling for customers, a division of the church, or the characters internal division, you can see the battle of good versus evil throughout. But perhaps the biggest message presented is just how much we need the Lord, and although we are unworthy, He loves us anyways. Thank you Emily Conrad for lifting my spirits and writing such a touching story. I cannot wait to see what stories you bring in the future!




Emily Conrad


Emily Conrad writes Christian fiction. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two 60+ pound rescue dogs. Some of her favorite things (other than Jesus and writing, of course) are coffee, walks, and road trips to the mountains. Her debut novel, Justice, releases in March, 2018. She also blogs and offers free short stories at EmilyConradAuthor.com.

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  1. Thank you for the review. “Justice” by Emily Conrad sounds like a book that I’d love to read.

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