Katie’s Choice by Amy Lillard


My Review

Amazing. That is the word to describe this book. I absolutely loved reading about Katie and Zane. Two people from completely different lifestyles finding themselves drawn to each other, but with one being a non-Amish city boy, how could it ever work out?

I think the thing that drew me to this book even more was that it wasn’t just the love story between Katie and Zane. It was also about Zane’s spiritual growth. I could personally relate to this, being a non-Christian when I started dating my husband. But his family accepted me and helped steer me in the right direction. Obviously the author does not know my background, but I love it when I can personally relate to a storyline. It makes me feel more connected to the characters.

I think some of my favorite Amish love stories are those where one is Amish and one is not. I find it mesmerizing that the non-Amish person would be willing to make such a radical change in order to be with the person they love. I have not seen any non-Amish converts in the local communities surrounding me, however I am sure it may happen now and then. Amy did a wonderful job in scripting Zane’s part in this story. He reminded me of a young boy who had lost his way. I think perhaps Zane was lost in this make believe world, thinking he loved his girlfriend Monica and that marrying her was the right thing to do. Put him in the middle of Amish country where the focus is on family and God, and that can certainly put things in a new perspective.

I recommend this book to anyone, not just Amish readers. You may find hope in your own storyline!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion which I have given.


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About the Book

Katie Rose Fisher loved Samuel Beachy with an intensity that shook their Amish district. No one doubted they would one day marry, until Samuel turned his back on the church and joined the world of the English.

Alone now in Clover Ridge, Katie Rose dedicates her life to God and the school children she teaches each day. Although she secretly longs for more, Katie knows God’s hand is at work, and she is happy.

News correspondent Zane Carson never even knew Oklahoma had an Amish community until he got the chance to live among them and learn about their day-to-day activities. Their simple way of life is intriguing, but not half as much as the young teacher.

Katie Rose is flattered over the attention she receives from Zane, but she has resolved to never marry. Even if she were to entertain the idea, it surely couldn’t be with an outsider like Zane.

Never one prone to the restraints of organized religion, Zane finds a comfort in the rituals and blessings in the day to day righteous living of this small Amish community. He finds himself, God, and love with Katie Rose.

But as Zane draws closer to Katie Rose, Samuel comes back to repent his ways and return to his place at her side. Can Zane convince Katie Rose that he is committed to adapting to her way of life, or will Samuel win her affections back for himself once again?

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