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Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to Must Get Monday, hosted by The Becca Files. Every Monday I’m going to feature a new book to add to your TBR piles. Why? Well because they just aren’t big enough! Just kidding. Sort of. I enjoy hearing about new releases, and so why not share that with you!?

Today I am going to feature a book that comes out tomorrow by Jaycee Weaver. Um… you must get your hands on this! See what I did there? My daughter would roll her eyes about now, but hopefully you aren’t! Whatever Happens Next has had my attention since I first found out about it. Jaycee’s stories are always a joy to read, so even though I haven’t started this one yet (gasp), I know it’s going to be a hit.

Whatever Happens Next (Everyday Love Book 4) by [Jaycee Weaver]

She needs to stay. He has orders to go. They’ll have to trust God with whatever happens next.

Growing up in nowhere Oklahoma gave US Air Force vehicle maintainer TSgt Dyson what his momma calls itchy feet. His wanderlust has kept him from romantic entanglements for years, until the day an over-dramatic, strawberry-scented chatterbox slams into him and turns his world upside down.

Jenna Davis was a quintessential good girl, deeply rooted in her family and faith until one mistake three years ago changed everything. Unable to admit her failure, she goes through the motions watching everyone else live their dreams. But it’s hard to find her purpose when opening up to anyone—even God—feels impossible. Then she meets Dyson, who personifies the strong, silent type.

Dyson gets her to open up and begin dreaming again, rebuilding the trust she’s lost in men and especially in herself. But Dyson has something important to tell Jenna, and he knows it’ll be the end of everything they’ve built. After all, how can he ask her to leave everything and everyone behind when he can never stay?

The Everyday Love Series is a contemporary romance series set in Albuquerque, featuring ordinary people in lifelike stories that inspire, uplift, and share hope. Stories in which a very real God shows Himself in everyday ways to carry His people through any circumstance.

What book must you get your hands on this week? Please share in the comments, and be sure to check in with The Becca Files to see what others are sharing 🙂

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  1. I can’t wait to read A Mosaic of Wings. Kimberly Duffy is a new author to me and this one looks so interesting!

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