No Neutral Ground

About The Book

Christian historical romance. After his father divorces his mother because of her Jewish ancestry, Rafe and the rest of his family flee Germany. Years later, he returns to Europe… as a B-17 navigator. On the ocean voyage, he meets Jennie, an artist journeying to Sweden. Flying missions against his former homeland arouses emotions that surprise Rafe. Despite being rejected by his homeland, he is troubled by the destruction of Germany and his heart still cries for his father’s love. Sweden may be neutral, but it’s full of intrigue. Jennie assists the OSS at the American legation in Sweden. She thought she’d be doing passive, behind-the-scenes work. Instead, she’s pushed into an active role to gain intelligence and frustrate the Germans. How can Rafe and Jennie succeed in their dangerous roles when they are so conflicted?

My Review

This book was a first for me in reading a WWII book and I’m so glad I got to read it. I felt Terri was well educated about the time period and events surrounding it and it showed in her novel. Her story telling ability is wonderful. I feel she took a theme that may not be exciting for non-history buffs and made it fun and exciting! 

I appreciated the glossary in the beginning. While I probably could have figured out what the words meant as I was reading, it made it much easier! I love it when authors use some of the true language in the books. I feel it makes it more enjoyable and breaks up the English! 

Although this is the second in this series, not having read the first book I feel like this would do just fine as a stand alone. However, after reading this I think I will backtrack and check out book one!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review which I have given. 

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