Out of the Embers

Hello my friends. Here’s a lovely historical fiction novel to add to your reading list!

About the Book

Out of the Embers (Mesquite Springs Book #1) by [Cabot, Amanda]

Ten years after her parents were killed, Evelyn Radcliffe is once more homeless. The orphanage that was her refuge and later her workplace has burned to the ground, and only she and a young orphan girl have escaped. Convinced this must be related to her parents’ murders, Evelyn flees with the girl to Mesquite Springs in the Texas Hill Country and finds refuge in the home of Wyatt Clark, a talented horse rancher whose plans don’t include a family of his own.

At first, Evelyn is a distraction. But when it becomes clear that trouble has followed her to Mesquite Springs, she becomes a full-blown disruption. Can Wyatt keep her safe from the man who wants her dead? And will his own plans become collateral damage?

Suspenseful and sweetly romantic, Out of the Embers is the first in a new series that invites you to the Texas Hill Country in the 1850s, when the West was wild, the men were noble, and the women were strong.

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My Perspective

The start of another series by Amanda Cabot looks to be the start of something wonderful. This was such a fun story to read! I have to say, little Polly kind of stole the show for me here and there. She was so sweet, but scared and uncertain. She provided some comedic relief that lightened the mood of the story sometimes. I just found myself really drawn to her for some reason.

Overall I thought this was a sweet and interesting read. I loved watching Evelyn grow as a character and (somewhat) learn that she could stand on her own. What a troubled life she had led, and the Lord had brought her to Mesquite Springs not only to meet her charming leading man, but feel a sense of peace and home. There is a surprised twist related to her character at the end that I was delighted by! I can’t really say more than that – but I would love to hear what you think after you read it.

Wyatt was a wonderfully written character as well. Here is a man who longs for more, sort of feels like he’s forced into his current situation, only to find that what God had in store for him is so much better then he ever dreamed. I loved seeing his heart growing soft for Evelyn, and understanding maybe he didn’t need to venture away from Mesquite Springs after all. And I’m not sure if he had self doubt, or what, but there was a moment in the book where things just seemed to click for him – he realized that he could do things, he was worth something, and there were things in life that were for him (hint hint – Evelyn!).

I look forward to the future of Mesquite Springs and its characters! What an enjoyable start to this new series from Amanda Cabot. I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

About the Author

Amanda Cabot

With both parents avid readers, it’s no surprise that Amanda Cabot learned to read at an early age. From there it was only a small step to deciding to become a writer. Of course, deciding and becoming are two different things, as she soon discovered. Fortunately for the world, her first attempts at fiction, which included a play for her fifth grade class entitled “All About Thermometers,” were not published, but she did meet her goal of selling a novel by her thirtieth birthday. Since then she’s sold more than thirty-five novels under a variety of pseudonyms. When she’s not writing, Amanda enjoys sewing, cooking and – of course – reading.

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  1. I have this one on my TBR but haven’t had the chance to read it yet. Although I’m getting through a lot more books than I expected this year since I have nowhere to go lol. Great review!

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