Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie Review!

Paul, Apostle of Christ

Paul (Faulkner), who goes from the most infamous persecutor of Christians to Christ’s most influential apostle, is spending his last days in a dark and bleak prison cell awaiting execution by Emperor Nero. Luke(Caviezel), his friend and physician, risks his life when he ventures into Rome to visit him. Paul is under the watchful eye of Mauritius (Martinez), the prison’s prefect, who seeks to understand how this broken old man can pose such a threat. But before Paul’s death sentence can be enacted, Luke resolves to write another book, one that details the beginnings of “The Way” and the birth of what will come to be known as the church. Their faith challenged an empire. But their words changed the world.


PRODUCED BY:T.J. Berden and David Zelon

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:Eric Groth, Rick Jackson, Harrison Powell and Jim Caviezel

STARRING:Jim Caviezel, James Faulkner, Olivier Martinez, Joanne Whalley and John Lynch


My Perspective

I was a little nervous when I started watching this movie honestly. I absolutely adore Jim Caviezel as an actor, but after seeing him play in Passion of the Christ, I just couldn’t wrap my head around him playing the role of Luke. In my mind, he would forever be the role of Jesus, and to cast him into another biblical movie was not a good idea. I’m about to admit something to you that is hard for me…… I…….was…….wrong. First of all, his hair and persona were totally different so I didn’t even see him as anything other than Luke when watching. And he did a fantastic job! In fact, I was easily able to separate him as Luke from him as Jesus in my mind. What a phenomenal thing for him to do!

I appreciated the way the directors and writers left out a lot of the gruesome, bloody details of what truly happened during this time period. Well, I shouldn’t say they left it out, but rather did not make a big production out of it on the screen. Had they been true to what happened, I wouldn’t have been able to stomach watching. Some parts did make me a bit queasy, but more so because of what was being done, not how it looked. I appreciated the gentleness in which these brutal events were portrayed. It made the movie more enjoyable for me.

While I always think we should reference our Bible first and foremost, this movie does give a wonderful glimpse into the final days of Paul. I highly recommend! I received a complimentary copy of this movie. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.









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4 thoughts on “Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie Review!

  1. This movie is so good. I cried like a baby at the end. Love it!!!
    I, too, was hesitant to watch at first because all I could think about was The Passion of the Christ. But, like you, those worries quickly disappeared. Caviezel did a great job as Luke. Every actor did a fantastic job!

    1. He is a fantastic actor! I love seeing the Bible come to life on the big screen 🙂

  2. I really want to see this film! I really admire Jim Caviezel. All these actors seem to be in the film for the right reasons.

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