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Hello my friends! I’m sorry to say this is the last of our spotlights! Next week the Prairie Roses Collection comes out, a group of stories by some talented authors. Each day this week I’ve put the spotlight on one of the books in the collection. Today we’re learning more about Indiana Wake’s story Grace.

About the Book

Grace (Prairie Roses Collection One Book 4) by [Wake, Indiana]

Grace is book 4 in the Prairie Roses Collection One and it releases on 5th May

The Oregon Trail offers hopes of fertile land, new beginnings, and for Grace Miller, the chance to be a real reporter. 

Documenting her journey will prove she can write just as well as the men but first she has to find a way to join the wagon train. 

Cowboy Jake Burman is traveling light, he has room in his wagon for Grace’s belongings. As they walk mile after mile each day, they become friends. Their nights are spent talking, recovering, and occasionally dancing when the fiddle players start around the campfires. Grace wonders if love might bloom between them.

Only the trail is hard and cruel at times and disaster soon strikes. Fate leaves little Bella Devon an orphan and Grace cannot leave her alone. Soon the child means so much to her and she will not let her go to an orphanage. Doubting Jake will take on a child, Grace pushes him away.

Now Grace’s plans have changed, can crossing the prairie fulfill all her dreams, or will she face the same problems out West that she left behind in New York?

The book is on a special pre-order price of just $0.99 until release day!!

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Interview with Grace

Hello and welcome to A Baker’s Perspective!

Hello Jessica, I’m Grace Miller and it is lovely to meet you. I am so excited to come along and tell you all about my adventures on the Oregon Trail. As often happens in life it didn’t turn out quite the way I hoped, in the end I think it was better.

Indiana Wake’s new Prairie Roses Collection contribution tells my story as I crossed the Oregon Trail. It was quite some journey and took me through highs and lows both emotional and physical.

How do you make a living? Do you like it?

I am a reporter and I love it. Though I had gotten tired of the society events and food reviews that I was expected to cover in New York, I still thank my editor for giving me the chance. When I was to tackle the Oregon Trail, I managed to persuade him to let me write my story.

What’s your family like, growing up I mean . . . your parents? Siblings?

I was an only child who lived with my two elderly aunts in New York. My brother, Isaac had crossed the Trail a few years ago and established himself as a lawyer. I’m traveling out to meet him and I have missed him so much.

When you took the trip, that certainly was a life-changing decision, wasn’t it?

Isaac and my aunts expected me to travel by sea. As I was only taking my clothes and a few personal possessions Isaac could afford passage. However, I wanted to experience the journey, it is a story unlike any other and affects so many people. Deciding to take the hard route to Oregon changed my whole life and even my outlook on life.

I have a pretty deep question next. What’s the most terrible thing that ever happened to you?

There were many terrible things that I saw on the Trail but one in particular has affected my life. I don’t want to talk about that one as it is a big part of my story but seeing the names of a couple carved on a rock really affected me, more so when we discovered the grave of one of them a few days later. I decided I had to meet the survivor Winnie and I intend to tell her story soon.

What was one thing another person did that delighted you? Did this impact how things turned out?

Because I was traveling alone and light, I had hoped to ride. On arriving at Independence, Missouri I discovered that this would not be possible. I was helped to find a man who was traveling and booked space in his wagon for my food and clothing. Jake Burman was such a kind man. My part of the deal was to cook and wash for him. Despite my domestic ineptitude he was always kind and helped me grow into a better person. I will always be grateful for meeting him.

Wow, I cannot wait to read more about this! Thank you for stopping by today!

Thank you so much my dear Jessica for letting me tell you a little about my adventure.

About the Author

Indiana Wake

Indiana Wake and I (Grace) have much in common as like me she loves to write. She was born in Denver Colorado where she learned to love the outdoors and horses.

In her picture you can see Duchess, the Dutch Frisian who she loves very much though she no longer rides.

At the age of eleven her parents moved to the United Kingdom to follow her father’s career. There her mother raised horses. Indiana escaped into fiction and dreamed of the West and all the friends she had left behind. From that day onward she loved stories and was often making up her own as well as reading others.

In 2014 she was approached by a friend from church and decided to start and publish those stories. She has had multiple no 1 bestseller and has been a bestselling author in the Religion and Spirituality category as well as being a Kindle Allstar for two months (one of the bestselling authors on Amazon).

You can be sure that her books are clean and wholesome and she hopes you will enjoy them as much as she loves to write them.

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