Sarah’s Orphans by Vannetta Chapman

Sarah's Orphans by Vannetta ChapmanAbout the Book

Sarah Yoder belongs to a Plain community in Oklahoma, but her days are far from simple. Life suddenly gets complicated when a series of tragic events unfold, leaving her in charge of the household.

Alone with her younger siblings, Sarah is exhausted but finally at peace. Then she nearly runs over a small Hispanic boy with her buggy…and somehow finds herself sheltering two more orphans.

Paul Byler moved to Cody’s Creek to help his brother in a time of need. But now that Joseph has recovered from his heart attack, Paul’s ready for a quiet place of his own. The only problem? His new property lands him next door to the orphaned Yoder family—and a calling from God he can’t seem to ignore.

A story of extraordinary grace and love in the face of desperate need, Sarah’s Orphans is the third standalone novel in the Plain and Simple Miracles collection by Vannetta Chapman.

My Perspective

I have enjoyed reading about the people of Cody’s Creek and was excited that it was finally time to read Sarah’s Orphans. I had high expectations coming in because of my experience with the first two books in this series. Let me say right now that Ms. Chapman did not disappoint me in the least!! In fact, I think this book is my favorite out of the three. Here’s why…..

The main storyline was something I have never read. I love reading books that are different. An Amish unmarried woman taking care of two Hispanic children, I wouldn’t think of that plot in my wildest Amish reading dreams! Let me tell you a secret…I absolutely loved it! It had a lot of features that a typical Amish book would have, but this twist had me both shocked and amazed. It seemed to have one underlying theme to me – that God loves us all regardless of our race or heritage. I saw that in Sarah in the way she loved those orphans. Sarah set such a wonderful example to us all. I really hope readers see that point!

Vannetta did a wonderful job in portraying Sarah’s character. I immediately had empathy for her, but then subtle things happened to make me proud of her, just like a mother. She had a lot of growth during this story and I felt it was at just the right pace. In fact I think Sarah surprised even herself at times! A good storyteller can really capture the spirit of a character you can connect with and I felt this connection easily with Sarah.

What Amish story would be a story without a love interest? Of course I liked Paul’s character as well and found him very entertaining at times. I appreciated how slow their relationship was throughout the book. I felt Sarah really needed to concentrate on her own problems, and caring for the two orphans, not concentrating on a love interest. By the last third of the book, however, I was really rooting for them even though I understood the timing wasn’t right.

Overall I thought this was a fantastic book. You do not necessarily have to read the other two books first, but I recommend it so you know the back story for some of the characters. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to give a favorable review. All opinions stated here are my own and have been given honestly.

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