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I’m excited to have a glimpse into Leah Jones, the heroine from Sarah Sundin’s The Land Beneath Us. This book is on my radar – I just haven’t had to chance to get to it yet with my schedule. Sarah has graciously offered to give away the reader’s choice of a paperback or a CD audio book of The Land Beneath Us! 🙂


The Land Beneath Us (Sunrise at Normandy Book #3) by [Sarah Sundin]

In 1943, Private Clay Paxton trains hard with the US Army Rangers at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, determined to do his best in the upcoming Allied invasion of France. With his future stolen by his brothers’ betrayal, Clay has little to live for. Leah Jones works as a librarian at Camp Forrest, longing to rise above her orphanage upbringing and to find the baby sisters she was separated from so long ago. A marriage of convenience binds Clay and Leah together, but will D-day—and a foreboding dream—tear them apart?

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Have you ever felt as if you didn’t belong? For Leah Jones, the heroine of The Land Beneath Us, not belonging is all she’s ever known.

After her parents died when she was four, Leah was separated from her twin baby sisters and raised in an orphanage. In 1943, eighteen-year-old Leah arrives at Camp Forrest in Tullahoma, Tennessee to work in the library at the Army training camp. She has two goals—to earn money so she can attend library school and become a graduate librarian—and to find clues that might help her find her sisters.

She has little to go by. She has scattered but vivid memories from her early childhood. She knows her birth name was Thalia, the Greek muse of lyric poetry. And she knows her last name was long and Greek and sounded something like “Ka-wa-los.”

Dreamy, poetic, and determinedly optimistic despite the hard life she’s endured, Leah is drawn to Private Clay Paxton, a kindhearted Army Ranger trainee, who also knows the pain of loss.

In Leah’s search for belonging, she volunteers in town, with the Victory Book Campaign and at an orphanage. But will she ever be seen as anything but a “dirty orphan”? And can she ever find the family she so desperately desires?


Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin is a bestselling author of historical novels, including The Land Beneath Us, The Sky Above Us, and The Sea Before Us. Her novel The Sea Before Us won the 2019 Reader’s Choice Award from Faith, Hope, and Love, and When Tides Turn and Through Waters Deep were named to Booklist’s “101 Best Romance Novels of the Last 10 Years.” A mother of three, Sarah lives in California and teaches Sunday school. She also enjoys speaking for church, community, and writers’ groups.

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Have you read any of Sarah’s books before? Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to stop back every day this month for more great reads, and if you’ve missed any days, go back and check them out!

17 thoughts on “Spring Into Reading With The Land Beneath Us

  1. I have not read any of Sarah’s books before. This one sounds like a great story to start with.

  2. I have read ALL of Sarah Sundin ‘ s novels. Blue Skies Tomorrow is my favorite. Such a wonderful writer!!

  3. I’m not entering, because I already own this book. Sarah is my very most favorite author! I’ve read all of her books. I can’t pick a favorite, because I love them all in different ways.

  4. i haven’t read any of Sarah’s book but enjoy historical book and want to read this one.

  5. I’ve read all of Sarah’s full-length books and I recently bought the novella collection she contributed to but I haven’t gotten around to that one yet. Picking a favorite is hard. I love With Every Letter because it’s like You’ve Got Mail, which is one of my favorite movies. I like The Sky Above Us because Adler’s journey is so powerful. But I also loved Leah in this book (which I do not yet own in paperback!), so it’s hard to narrow it down. 🙂 Sarah is one of my favorites for sure.

  6. I’ve read them all and I simply adore them all! A Distant Melody was my first, so it was the one that started my love of her books, so I’m going to say that it’s my favorite. Although I do love this Sunrise at Normandy series a bunch, too.

  7. I’ve read the Wings of Glory series and I loved it. I’d have to say A Memory Between Us if I was forced to pick a favorite. They were all wonderful.

  8. I have read them all, so it’s hard for me to pick a favorite book; but I guess I would say “With Every Letter”; because the character Mellie Blake is Philippino-American, and so was my mother. I appreciate Sarah’s taking note of the racism that was accepted as normal during the period she writes about; which many authors ignore

  9. Even though I have her Waves of Freedom series on my shelf, I haven’t read them or any other book by Sarah. *hangs my head in shame* LOL!
    I seriously need to play catch-up 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  10. I am playing catch-up too, and I have several of Sarah’s books on my TBR. I so love WWII history and can’t wait to devote some time to devouring them!

  11. Love Sarah Sundin’s books and have read them all! It’s hard to choose a favorite,but if I would I would say it would be between The Sea Before Us and The Land Beneath Us. Plus there’s a special place in my heart for With Every Letter (The first Sarah Sundin book I ever read. )

  12. I have read them all. It is very hard to pick! So glad I found her. I love WWII books!

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