Teaching Art Spotlight and Interview with Jerry Twitchell!

Welcome to the Celebrate Lit Blog Tour for Teaching Art by Jerry E. Twitchell, a book that can help homeschool parents! Jerry is here today talking about the inspiration behind the book. Please join me in welcoming him!

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Book: Teaching Art

Author: Jerry E. Twitchell

Genre: Nonfiction  EDUCATION/Teaching Methods & Materials/Arts & Humanities

Release Date: February 20, 2019

As Simple as 1-2-3

Everything needed to structure and teach an effective art program for grades one to three is made simple for the home-school parent or teacher.

This step-by-step process for teaching art is perfect for home-school teachers or parents with limited art skills or time to create their own programs. This system of insight, responses to judgments, ideas, and feelings aligns with public school and state visual arts requirements.

Teaching Art in the Primary Grades is designed to foster lifelong interest in the arts, provide a gauge of what can be expected of children at various ages and grade levels, and present a baseline for measuring growth and skill.

Lesson plans with goals, objects, time frames, techniques, steps, illustrated examples, and assessment of growth are included.

Click here to get your copy.

Jerry Twichell

Jerry E. Twitchell, DEd, is a retired educational administrator and art and history instructor. With over thirty years of experience as a teacher and principal, Jerry has nurtured primary through secondary students to experience the excitement of art. In his work with parents, teachers, and especially children, he has sought to bring to life a love and passion for art.

Hello Jerry and welcome to the blog! Let’s get right to the questions. How did the facts in this book come together?

When I was retiring, it was suggested to me by Home-school parents, Public school Teachers and Administrators, I knew, for me to create something like a book that would directly help them.  They all expressed they were pressed with time, resources and often lack expertise in curriculum development. As a Certificated Principal and Art Teacher who was responsible for the curriculum development and the instruction associated with Art from Kindergarten through the 12th grade, for over 20 years, gave me the confidence of accomplishing such a task. Because I am a people person and my love and passion for teaching and helping young artists emerge, I accepted their encouragement which led to the development of this book.  My personal goals were to put together, in a step by step, lessons that were clear and concise and visually appealing to both the adult and the children.

What was your biggest hurdle in writing this?

Compiling and putting together years of collected Art Curriculum and related materials that covered goals, objectives and guidelines that would be helpful to teachers and home school parents in the primary grades that would help the emerging reader – writer to a very competent third grade student. It needed to be visually appealing, fun, and a logical progression of lessons for a whole school year of an average of 180 days and of course grade level skills largely with a logical development over time.

That must have been a very difficult task! What do you want readers to gain from reading this?

I would like for them to be able to follow a complete step by step process that would help them by providing step by step lessons, goals and objectives for a complete school year.

What made you want to write non-fiction?

Ever since I was young, I have always loved art.  It was only natural for me to be teaching and sharing the love of art to young people. Over the years, a number of parents, students and fellow teachers and administrators suggested that I should write a book about teaching art, particularly to the emerging and beginning artist and staff   This would hopefully help them gain confidence in themselves in return would flow into their reading and writing subjects. After retiring, pondering and headaches, I started putting it together and throwing around ideas to myself on what should be included and after several years a draft was completed. It would not have been possible without the continued help, guidance and prayerful thoughts from the Redemption Press staff.

Do you like to write in silence, or with background noise?

I usually listen to Christian radio stations when working.

Me too! What are you working on next?

Perhaps, if all goes well, a book for the Intermediate grade levels of 4, 5 and 6th.

Did anything surprise you during the writing process for this book?

The whole headache, and continued confusion of the post publication process was difficult for me however, once I got the hang of it, all went well.

Thank you for stopping by today and chatting about your book!!

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  1. I love that my kids all love art and are very creative. I think that art often gets overlooked in the quest for sports and competitions. Thanks for the review.

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