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Welcome back! I’m so thankful we’re taking a peek at all these wonderful novellas! Now, I may have forgottent to mention – each book is being released separately the month of September, OR you can wait and get the whole collection when it releases November 1st! We’re already half way through with our spotlights guys 🙂 Today we are checking out the novella by Heather Blanton and learning more about her heroine Victoria Patterson.


About the Book


Daughter of Defiance (Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Book 6) by [Blanton, Heather]
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One betrayal after another had led Victoria down a dark path. And when you hit rock bottom, you have a choice: look up for help or live in the darkness. Victoria chose the darkness. In time, she became the most debauched madame in the West and wore her reputation proudly like a mink stole. Calculating, brutal, and bitter, she was also vengeful. Then the opportunity presented itself to take revenge on an old lover. Victoria’s choice inadvertently results in the death of dozens of innocent men—including the preacher who loved her. He’d told her of a savior, of unconditional love, of redemption, but how can Victoria accept grace now? The weight of her sins threatens to crush her heart, extinguish her hope. Is there anything or anyone who can convince her forgiveness is only a breath away? That she can live free in His amazing grace? Or will she fall back on the only path she’s ever known?






About the Author


Best-selling author Heather Blanton loves exploring and writing about the American West. Her novels are all Christian Western Romance, a genre that lets her write about feisty pioneer women who struggle to find love and keep their faith. Like all good, old-fashioned Westerns, there’s always justice, a moral message, American values, lots of high adventure, unexpected plot twists, and often more than a touch of suspense. She’s a member of Western Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers.

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Character Profile – Victoria Patterson


Due to a terrible misunderstanding, Victoria Patterson left home and has never once written to or checked on her mother in over fifteen years. Worse, out of misplaced rage and self-loathing, she has lived a dark, violent and scandalously immoral life without any boundaries. She’s worked as a prostitute or infamous madam most of her life, until a disaster—caused by her vindictive spirit—destroys her one and only chance at redemption.

Now a crushed soul, on the verge of suicide, Victoria is convinced she has gone far beyond God’s reach, that she isn’t worthy of mercy or healing, much less redemption.

But there is nowhere we can hide from our Father’s love. Will Victoria continue to run from it, or finally lay down her burdens?

Quote from Victoria:

Raging against the world, huh, girl? Victoria couldn’t deny a certain sympathy for the animal. “She doesn’t sound mean. She sounds like she’s not going to take it anymore.”



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