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Hello reader friends! We’re putting the spotlight on two more novellas from Thanksgiving Books & Blessings, a collection of sweet historical romances.Today we are getting a peek at two novellas by Kit Morgan and Pauline Creeden!

Let’s start with Kit…..


About the Book

Trail to Clear Creek (Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection One Book 3) by [Morgan, Kit]
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Honoria Sayer’s husband dreamed of leaving England, going to America, and starting a cattle ranch. Unfortunately, he dies in the middle of seeing his dream fulfilled. This leaves his wife and three sons in a bit of a pickle. Honoria, being a resourceful woman, is determined to see her late husband’s dream fulfilled. Too bad she can’t journey with the wagon train her late husband had signed up with without being married. Rules are rules. Enter Jefferson Cooke, a recent widower with two sons in somewhat of the same bind. She needs a husband. He wants a wife. So the two strike a bargain and marry. But can two shattered hearts find love along the way to a new land? With five sons between them, can they ever become a family when they get there?





About the Author

Kit Morgan

Kit Morgan has been writing for fun all of her life. Her whimsical stories are fun, inspirational, sweet, and clean, (G and PG rated) and depict a strong sense of family and community. Raised by a homicide detective, one would think she’d write suspense, but no. Kit likes fun and romantic westerns! Kit resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in a little log cabin on Clear Creek, from which her fictional town from her Prairie Brides and Prairie Grooms series are named after.

Connect with Kit:






Character Profile – Honoria Elizabeth MacKenzie

Honoria Elizabeth MacKenzie was born and raised in Sussex. She’s a pretty woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and, at 5’6” towers over her mother. She gets her height from her father, a vicar and a Scotsman. She married Benedict Sayer after barely turning eighteen, had her first son a year later, and remained in Sussex with her husband and sons (she had two more) for the next fourteen years. That’s when her husband Benedict, got an idea.

“Let’s go to America,” he said. “We’ll start a cattle ranch, live off the land, see our sons married and live out our days in a new land.”

Well, for an English woman, this was horrifying. But Honoria wasn’t just any woman, and liked the idea of a grand adventure. She always had been a risk taker. But Benedict balked, and if not for Honoria, might not have made the journey at all.

But, journey they did, landed in New York, and stayed there for several years working and saving. When they had enough the family headed west to St. Louis, then to Independence, Missouri where they hunkered down to wait for the wagon trains heading west to leave in the spring. Unfortunately, Benedict didn’t make it.

Her husband killed in a horrific carriage accident, Honoria is left with her three teenaged sons, her husband’s dream, and a choice. See the dream fulfilled or go back to England?

You don’t get reared by a Scotsman and vicar and come away empty handed. Honoria is stubborn, strong willed, and determined. Traits that come out in her time of crisis. But she’s also a lady and an Englishwoman. Manners are everything, and she’s made sure her sons have been well versed in them. She chooses the dream, and is set on making it work, no matter what the cost to her, even if it means sacrificing herself to see that dream fulfilled. Perhaps she’s read too many penny dreadfuls, a habit she picked up in New York. But that’s what she does, nonetheless.


Quote from Character:  “Yes, and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me. I’ve hardly burned a thing the last two hundred miles.”



And now for Pauline……


About the Book

Heart and Home (Thanksgiving Books & Blessings Collection One Book 4) by [Creeden, P.]
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When Caroline moved from her hometown in Pennsylvania to the Montana Territory, she had two things that convinced her to move—her husband, and the children who needed her as a teacher in the small mining town. But when her husband died in an accident, only the children have kept her in Helena for the past few years. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Caroline misses having her family and friends to connect to, but she still has the children who need her. And then when the mayor hires an out-of-work miner to repair the schoolhouse, Caroline wonders if she can help fulfill the needs of others in the spirit of the season.





About the Author

P. CreedenP. Creeden is the sweet romance and cozy mystery pen name for USA Today Bestselling Author, Pauline Creeden. She loves a good mystery and grew up watching Colombo and Murder, She Wrote. Animals are the supporting characters of many of her stories, because they occupy her daily life on the farm too.

Connect with Pauline: 





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