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Welcome to another spotlight of the wonderful novella collection Thanksgiving Books & Blessings! Today we’re going to learn about Lynette’s novella and get a sneek peek at her heroine Lizzie!


About the Book

No Turning Back (Thanksgiving Books & Blessings) by [Sowell, Lynette]
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Elizabeth “Lizzie” Westford is a determined young widow trying to manage her late husband’s Texas cattle ranch after he is killed by a bull. Then, an old boyhood friend of her husband’s arrives. Buford “Buck” Hannigan has always considered himself a wandering soul, with the call of the open wild more attractive than the idea of staying tied down. But the heart of the itinerant former gambler-turned-cowboy–and sometimes preacher–feels a tugging toward Lizzie that neither can deny and steps up to help the widow. After a quick wedding to prevent talk of impropriety, he learns

one of Lizzie’s secrets, and the open road calls to him once again.






About the Author

Lynette Sowell is the author of more than 23 fiction titles. When Lynette’s not spinning stories, she works as managing editor of her city newspaper. Lynette was born in Massachusetts, raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but makes her home on the doorstep of the Texas hill country with her husband, their Texas heeler, and a finicky feline. She loves traveling, reading, cooking, watching movies, spoiling her granddaughters, and is always up for a Texas road trip.

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Character Profile – Lizzie Westford


Elizabeth “Lizzie” Westford is an Iowa farm girl and one-time schoolteacher who finds herself widowed and trying to run a Texas ranch on her own. She is stubborn once she sets her mind to something and doesn’t want the ranch to beat her, nor the ones who try to undermine her determination.

Hugh Westford wasn’t the love of her life, but she followed his dream to Texas and it became her dream, too. When Buck Hannigan, one of her husband’s friends from his younger years comes to the ranch, Lizzie struggles with trusting him because of the dismissive way Hugh used to treat her. While she mourns her husband, both she and Hugh are urged into a marriage of convenience for propriety’s sake.

Her books are her comfort during her weary days, and as she and Buck spend more time together, she realizes that it’s okay to let him comfort her too.

From Lynette: I had no inspiration image for her, just a general idea of who she looked like and our wonderful book designer captured her innocence and strength!


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