The Rank Game Review and Giveaway!

Our family loves to play games – board games, word games, video games – we don’t discriminate. Sometimes it’s hard with only three people in our family, but that’s why we have church game nights! More people, more laughter, more fun. The Rank Game is one I hope to play at a future church game night, since COVID has prevented us from having one the last several months.


THE RANK GAME is designed by Dana Brown, a former Walt Disney Imagineer, and Chip Brown, a former Disney Studios producer and Christian publisher, to engage the diverse backgrounds, interests, personalities and opinions of every player. By celebrating our individualism, THE RANK GAME actually brings people together, through rich conversation and competition.  Created for groups of all sizes, THE RANK GAME leverages our own social behaviors—ranking the things or experiences in our lives.

For example, rank the four seasons:     A) fall  B) spring  C) summer D) winter



This game is a great way to get to know people better. I can see it being used as an IceBreaker at an event actually – especially a work event, or youth group. There is pretty diversity in the topics, although some topics are not meant for young children. We played with my 17 year old daughter, and a few of them didn’t apply. But you can just simply skip over those!

I liked the simplicity of the game. Word games that are too complicated bore me, and by the time you’re down reading the instructions, I’m already sleeping. Not the case here. Clear, concise, and in reality you could probably figure it out without the instructions. I noticed there are some extra packs that you can buy, and I am interested in seeing how those play out.

I do recommend playing this game with a lot of people. Due to COVID-19, we only had three people in our home when we played, and it wasn’t too exciting. But we also all know each other really well, so it’s not like we learned anything in the process. But for a party, church event, or big family get together, I can see this being really fun to play. I hope to try it out at a future church get togehter!

I received a complimentary copy of this game. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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    1. Paula, I’ve reached out to the company to try and correct this. Still haven’t heard back. My apologies!

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