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Have you ever had a book that was enjoyable to read, and gave you this kind of slap-in-the-face message that you weren’t expecting? That was me reading These Nameless Things. I think you have to kind of analyze what you’re reading to catch it, or at least think of what Smucker is saying from a biblical point of view. But there it was, and I loved it!! Read on for more….


These Nameless Things by [Shawn Smucker]

Before Dan opened his door to find a wounded woman who had escaped from the tormentors in the mountain, his life had become rather quiet. He and the eight other people in the mostly abandoned town had become friends. They spent peaceful evenings around the campfire and even made vague plans to journey east one day and leave the ominous mountain behind.

But the woman’s arrival changes everything. 
Who is she? How does she know so much about Dan’s brother, who is still held captive in the mountain? Why are long-forgotten memories rising to the surface? And why does Dan feel so compelled to keep her presence in his house a secret?

Visionary writer Shawn Smucker is back with an unsettling story that invites us to consider two challenging questions: To what lengths will we go to assuage our own guilt? and Is there a limit to the things we will do for the people we love?

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This book really took me by surprise. I had heard great things about it, so I expected to enjoy it. What I didn’t expect was how it spoke to my heart. Don’t you just love it when a book does that!?

First let me talk about the storyline. It is interesting to say the least. I really don’t know where Smucker gets these ideas for his stories, but wow he is creative. I was in it, from start to finish. Full disclosure – there were a few chapters that had me scratching my head, but even so I continued on. I figured it was distractions and all. The way he writes really just pulls you in. And he gives you just enough detail in the chapter to keep you going, until you finally reach the end and you can put it all together. Bravo Mr. Smucker!

But perhaps my favorite part of the story was the overall message. One of forgiveness, one of love, and one that will stay with me for a long time to come. What amazes me is how clearly I saw the message in this book. At first I didn’t see it. And then as I reached closer to the end, it’s like all of a sudden my brain figured it all out and BAM! This beautiful gospel message wrapped itself around my heart, and really got to me. I can’t really go into it, becuase **spoilers** and all. But oh dear reader I hope that you see it too.

Once again Smucker has managed to entertain, make me think, and lead me to a satisfying ending. I’m almost sad to see these characters go. Until I see the next book he’s working on…..I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Shawn Smucker

Shawn Smucker is the award-winning author of Light from Distant Stars, the young adult novels The Day the Angels Fell and The Edge of Over There, and the memoir Once We Were Strangers. He lives with his wife and six children in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You can find him online at –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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  1. Awesome review! I’ve gone back and forth on this one if it’s one I think I’d enjoy or not because it’s not quite my genre but seems kinda intriguing at the same time. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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