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Happy Tuesday reader friends and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! Today we have a bit of freedom with our topic – throwing back to an old Top Ten Tuesday post. I haven’t been doing these for very long, so I looked at the 300+ list I had to choose from and one in particular stood out – Tep Ten Authors I’d Love to Meet. I mean, winding it down to only ten is hard to do for sure. Thankfully I met so many authors that were already on my list at last year’s CFRR that it makes it a little easier 😉

So, in no particular order……Ten Authors I’d Love to Meet. (side note – if you are an author and you didn’t make this list, it’s not becuase I don’t love you. It’s beucase we’ve either already met OR I just didn’t have enough room!)


 Karen Kingsbury


The first Christian fiction book I ever read that wasn’t Amish, was by Karen Kingsbury – a Christmas present from my husband. Karen is the reason I started reading non-Amish books. I was hooked by that first book, and thankfully hubby had bought me a couple more. Soon, I had them all. She is one of the authors where I HAVE to have her book the day it releases. If I don’t, well… don’t even want to know how moody I get! I just love her books -and the Baxter Family feels like they are MY family. I can’t wait to see them on screen 🙂




Chautona Havig

So I’ve “met” Chautona online, and she is a RIOT! Seriously, she makes me laugh faster than most people can. Thought we literally live across the US from each other, one of these days I’m going to hop on a plane and see have lunch with her at Denny’s. Well, probably breakfast really. And we’ll talk about Cassie and Madeline, our faith, and the crazy customers filling in the seats nearby. Not laughing at their expense mind you. Just being joyous and happy and probably a little crazy ourselves.




Amy Clipston

I was on Amy’s street team for a few years (miss that this year by the way!) and she is just a joyous and happy person. I have loved her books pretty much forever. But to be honest, that’s not the only reason I want to meet her. Both our husbands are transplant recipients. We have both experienced the pain of seeing your loved one suffer and be sick. And while I wasn’t able to donate my own organs like she did (her husband received a kidney through a chain transplant, my husband received a liver which they do not transplant that way), I feel like even the recovery is something we could connect over. I’d love to talk with her about all things Amish, transplant, and being the mom of a teenager in this crazy world.




 Nicholas Sparks


Okay, not a Christian author obviously, but I have adored his books forever. He is one of the very few authors outside the Christian fiction realm that I will read. And I have – every single one. I’d love to talk not only about his books, but the school he started, and where he gets all his ideas from. Well, some of them I already know. In his novel about him and his brother, he does give you some behind the scene glimpses. But I want more!



Jaime Jo Wright


Okay, this is definetely a girl to have coffee with! Yes, her books are amazing, but I also feel like she has her own story to tell and I would love to hear it! Following her on social media is a blast. And I happen to have a friend who met her and said she was a delight. So, Jaime Jo Wright….when do you want to come to Cooperstown NY and have some coffee??





Kelly Goshorn Kelly Goshorn


Although I’ve only recently gotten to know her a little bit, I feel like we have a LOT in common and she would be so easy to talk to! I loved her book, A Love Restored, and so obviously we would talk about that, her crazy dog, and just life in general. I think we’d have a great time!!




Catherine West


I know what you are thinking. I only want to meet her so that I can fly to Bermuda. Ok, maybe that has a tiny little role lol. But really, Catherine West is so sweet and writes such fantastic stories, how could you NOT want to meet her!? Her love for her family is what I really like about her, I feel the same way about mine. And I would love to hear about the travels she’s been on!





 Amy Lillard



I’ve been on Amy’s street team for a few years now, and it has been such a joy getting to know her. If you don’t follow her on social media – you are missing out. She does pun wars with a special friend of hers, and they are hilarious! Amy is just always bubbly and happy, and I imagine she would be so fun to hang out with!




Colleen Coble


I have to be honest. I think if I ever did meet Colleen, it would be one of those tongue-tied, pass out moments. I mean, what would I say to her? “Um…I…um…really…um…love…um…your…books” Yeah, that’s pretty much how I would sound. But let’s say I’m having a good day, and am not totally awestruck. I’ve heard that Colleen is super down to earth and a joy to talk to. And like I mentioned, I LOVE her books 🙂





Dani Pettrey


Although she was a part of CFRR17, it was via Skype so I didn’t technically get to meet her. As if her amazing books and swoonilicious heros weren’t enough, she is an amazing woman herself and tons of fun (at least the online world portrays her that way!). We’d talk book boyfriends, life, book boyfriends, and um….let’s just keep it at that!!






So there you have it. Obviously there are so many more authors I want to include. And thankfully I’ve already met a TON of awesome ones through CFRR. Maybe next time I’ll just post all the authors I want to meet. You’d read a five hundred page long blog post right?


Who would you love to meet and why? Share with me in the comments!!






6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – A Throwback

  1. I’ve met Collen Coble, Jaime Jo Write, and Dani Pettrey. They are such amazing women. I hope you do get to meet them soon. Maybe next year you can go to the Fiction Readers Summit? You’ll get to meet so many amazing writers, bloggers, and publishers. ?

  2. Now this is an unfair question. I don’t think there’s any I wouldn’t want to meet. It could be anyone of these wonderful authors, plus. I would want to meet them to be able to know more about them, the person behind the books. I would also love to share personal faith stories with them. So much else it’s hard to say. I just know it would be an awesome opportunity. ?

  3. I’ve never met an author yet but at the moment at the top of my list would be Jaime Jo Wright. I just got her copy of The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond and I can’t wait to dive in. I’m thrilled, actually! Your author list is awesome but I wouldn’t ever want to miss the opportunity to meet any Christian author. I so admire and respect their committment to the Christian fiction genre.

  4. I’d love to meet you, too! I’ve gotten to meet tons of readers and it’s so much fun! I’d love to meet Michael Phillips as well as a bunch of others.

  5. Awww, Jessica, THANK YOU! How sweet! I’d love to meet to you, too. I know we’d hit it off. You seem very down to earth! If I could meet any author, I’d choose, Karen Witemeyer. I did meet her ever so briefly at ACFW2016 but I’m talking a coffee or lunch date. I want to see if she’s as spunky as her heroines.

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