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Happy Tuesday reader friends and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! Today’s topic is a little rough for me, so I’m tweaking it slightly. The topic is to make a list of books you did not finish, or DNF. I just hate to make that list, as I understand that all people have different reading tastes, and that is of no fault to the author. So instead, I am going to share with you the reasons I may not finish a book, and I hope you’ll share yours with me!


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  1. I don’t like swearing, at all. I try very hard not to swear in my daily life, and I don’t want to see it when I’m reading. Now, if it’s just a minor word here and there, I am okay with that. I can just skip over the word. But there are those words – you all know what they are – that just make me put the book right down and say enough. Not reading that book anymore. It’s only happened a handful of times – and they were advertised as clean reads. I guess maybe we all have differing views of what a clean read is?




2. A boring story line that NEVER picks up. When I was young I had a rule that I would finish a book no matter what. Just hang on, keep reading, and maybe the author will surprise you in the end. Here’s what I discovered. If I have reached about the halfway mark of the book, and I found myself dreading to pick it up, it’s not worth it to me. I devour books I enjoy. I could probably read three or four books I like in the length of time it takes me to read a really boring book. So unless it’s an author that I love, or I’m doing it for a blog tour and feel obligated, I just put it aside.



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3. Okay – this was the best picture I could find to get my point across lol. I do not finish a book that becomes too steamy. I can take some kissing. The toe curling kind – yes! But when it gets descriptive of what goes on behind closed doors, well, I am just not into that.




4. This point applies only to devotional reads, or bible study books. They get the bible wrong. I’m not talking the things that the Holy Spirit leads us in, and I certainly understand that people get different things from the same portion of scripture. That’s the amazing way the God works – he speaks directly to us in different ways. I’m talking about the ones that get the basics wrong. Case in point – my daughter wants to learn more about the end times, and the book of Revelation. To help us, I bought a study book. It has portions of scripture to read, insight, and questions. In the back of the book were the answers – which I thought was great because I always wonder if I’m answering them correctly lol. So there we are doing the first lesson and answering the questions. This was on basic bible principles, such as salvation and the second coming. Stuff we are pretty confidant in our knowledge of. I don’t want to rip this book apart, but I will say that they did not answer salvation through faith. I won’t even go into what they said because it was so bizarre. But I said right there and then, “Nope, we are not giving this book another minute of our time.” It happens, and while I was sad to have spent the money on something I hoped would encourage my daughter, it would have been even more costly had she read it on her own and decided this “plan” was better. See what I mean here? Enough of this topic!


That’s really it. I know, it’s not ten. It’s not even five. It has to be something big, like these things, to make me stop reading a book. I kind of feel guilty by not reading a book to the end. Authors spend so much time, research, planning and writing these books. They deserve for us to try and read to the end. I’ll read a book that is out of my usual element (like the books my daughter gives me to read) and end up loving it by the end. Imagine if I had put it down after chapter one or even chapter two? I would miss out!


Now it’s YOUR turn reader friends. Is there anything that will make you not finish a book? Share in the comments below! 







5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – All About DNF

  1. Agree with you on all accounts, though I end up skimming the books instead of not finishing them (but, in my mind, skimming kind of equals DNF). When too many grammatical or spelling mistakes hinder me, I tend to skim the book as well.

  2. I feel the same way! On points 1 and 3 you can convey a LOT without ever descending into using swear words or steamy scenes. It hurts me that so many Christian writers have begun to feel this is the only way to sell books.
    On point 2-I used to be the same way, but if you have seen my blog you know I review books on average of 4 times a week. I don; have time to finish one that never catches or holds my attention, there are so many that do!
    On point 4-I learned a long time ago that trying to give the author the benefit of the doubt in these situations leads you down a dark, slippery slope! No thank you!
    Thanks for your thoughts!

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