Top Ten Tuesday – Books My Daughter Asked Me To Read

Happy Tuesday reader friends and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! Today I’m going a little bit off topic. I’m going to talk about some books that my daughter asked me to read that I was kind of hesitant about, but really ended up enjoying. I’ve mentioned some before here and there, so you may not be surprised with a few. 🙂 And side note – these books are from various ages of her life, so some may look a little silly!




This book is different then most I’ve read, but it sounded interesting. I mean, who doesn’t love a fairy tale “re-telling”? I fell in love by the time the first chapter was over, and have read every book in the series since. Marissa Meyer is a fantastic author, and I can’t wait to see what she has coming out in the future.




When Caitlin first asked me to read this book I was pretty hesitant. It just sounded too weird for me. I mean, I have a great imagination, but this? This was different. But much like the Marissa Meyer book above, I found I really liked it. The storyline was so unique, fun and enjoyable. I have read the complete series of this and was sad to see it end.



This book was all the rage. I think every teen girl in my daughter’s class read it. I was skeptical. I mean, I had heard it had a sad ending, and I am not big on sad endings. In fact, even though Nicholas Sparks is on of my go-to non Christian authors, it bothers me that most of his books have sad endings. But alas, I began reading. I won’t say that I loved it, but I did enjoy it. I cried, cried some more, and had a chuckle every now and then. It was extremely emotional, and much better than the movie in my opinion. But that’s usually my opinion when it comes to books and movies!



Not only do we have a bunch of these books, but we have a stuffed animal to go with them. When I read the very first book we bought, I thought it was kind of silly. But then we started reading it frequently, and I found myself doing fun voices to go along with it and all of a sudden the book became one of my favorites. We can still quote some of the book to this day!




When your child shows an interest in a series that has like a hundred books, you get a little nervous. Sure, we use the library, and my daughter uses the school library; but in our house we are firm believers in buying books. I mean, my daughter had two book cases growing up, and some of her books ended up on mine for lack of room. It wasn’t the stories themselves I was nervous about, it was knowing how much space all these books would take up! But we started the series anyways. It was fun, exciting, and yes even a good book to learn from. Jack and Annie went on so many adventures and different time periods that we could learn from them and discuss the storyline afterwards. Confession – even after my daughter grew tired of reading them, I still did. And we still have our huge Magic Tree House collection. There’s grandchildren in our future you know! (ahem – not any time soon…..I’m thinking way ahead here!)



There’s also been some books that I have recommended to Caitlin to read. I’ll share a few recent ones that are sitting on her bookshelf, waiting for her to turn to page one! I hope she likes them as much as I did!




She actually has the first two books in this series on her bookshelf, and as soon as I finish book three, that will be sitting there as well!





She also has both books in this series waiting for her. I think this is probably right up her alley – she likes reading books that are imaginative and different.




Because You're Mine by [Coble, Colleen]


Caitlin actually already read this one and really enjoyed it. I was trying to get her to branch out and try a new genre, and while this was different than other Colleen Coble books I’ve read, I thought it was suspenseful enough to grab her attention. I can’t say that she’ll always like the mysteries and suspenseful novels, but this one she did enjoy.





How about you friends? Do you have books that your children have asked you to read that you ended up really enjoying? Or have you recommended a book to your children and they loved it? Please share in the comments!

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