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Happy Last Day of the Year everyone! It’s been quiet on the blog for the past two weeks for multiple reasons. My husband’s grandmother passed away just before Christmas, and it really hit our family hard. She was just this amazing woman, a Proverbs 31 woman, that I respected and admired. She went downhill really fast the week she passed away and we’ve been all trying to figure out how to keep moving forward without her. It’s the first really big loss for my daughter, so helping her has been a challenge as well. The entire week of Christmas we spent preparing for the funeral – not exactly what one wants to be doing during Christmas, but it had to be done.

To top it all off, I messed up my back on Christmas Eve. It’s still out of sorts today, a week later, and very frustrating. But I keep telling myself it could be worse! Then the day after Christmas our family got another blow – my husband’s cousin who was just diagnosed with end stage lung cancer had passed away, leaving behind a wife and fifteen year old son. His funeral was two days after grandma’s funeral. Needless to say it’s been a difficult time for us. What that also meant was that I haven’t read a single book during this time. I just couldn’t bring myself to with everything that’s been going on. Ya know? So….I hope to change that today, or tomorrow. Maybe start the new year off fresh.

Anyways, all that to say thanks for sticking around. Thanks for those of you who sent words of kindness and encouragement. It means the world to me, and I am so ready to start 2020. I’m hoping it’s a better year. I’ve got some new things stirring in my mind for the blog too. Stay tuned for more info there.

I couldn’t end the year without some sort of book post, right!? Today I want to spotlight a book by Emily Yager.

Klarysa Tutko, a young single mother, moves to Caribou, Minnesota, 
where her family is now living, to put her life back in order. All she 
wants is to leave the past in the past; though a family friend has 
other ideas and persuades her to make a promise that she is unwilling 
to keep.

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Emily Yager writes Inspirational Romance novels set among the lakes, rivers, and north woods of Minnesota. Is the author of the Pursuing Voyageurs series.

When Emily is not writing, she is doodling over her notes, listening to music, searching for a new history book to explore, or dealing with the dramas of a bi-polar prima donna canine and writing puppy sidekick, Xian. She lives on the family farm in northwestern Minnesota.

Social Media Links:

Facebook @emilyyagerauthor (https://facebook.com/emilyyagerauthor/)
Twitter @TheEmilyYager (https://twitter.com/TheEmilyYager/)

5 thoughts on “Unwilling Promise Spotlight

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the rough season you and your family have been having. I hope 2020 is a great one for you! Thoughts and prayers.

  2. Sending prayers for all of you. Holidays do seem to make our loss harder. May you all take comfort that the loved ones have just gone on ahead of you and are free from pain. There is comfort in knowing we will be with our loved ones again.

    May 2020 be a better year for your family with happiness and health.

  3. My deepest sympathy! My daddy passed last month to heaven but it made the holidays bittersweet. I pray blessings on your New Year.

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