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My name is Jessica. Isaiah’s Legacy is the second book I’ve helped promote on Mesu’s BFF team. Mesu puts such thought into her stories, and an incredible amount of research. They always fascinate me!

Want to dive into God’s Word while reading Isaiah’s Legacy? CLICK HERE to check out the FREE downloadable Bible study on Mesu’s website.

I asked Mesu to talk a little bit more about dogs on on today’s post. I love animals, and I was intrigued about the inclusion of war dogs in this story.

Did the Assyrians Really Use War Dogs?

I’m an animal lover. Especially dogs. Now, let me say . . . there’s a scene in Isaiah’s Legacy that was hard to write—and will be hard for animal lovers like me to read—but it was true to the culture of Assyria’s ruthless King Sennacherib and to the beautiful Anatolian Shepherds they used in war.

Don’t worry. It’s not graphic. It only implies an animal’s death and quickly moves on. And don’t worry again—I don’t make these gorgeous animals out to be monsters. When Nasseh raises his puppy in Judah, it remains true to its guardian nature but shows this breed’s lovable and playful temperament.

What Is a War Dog?

Sparing you the gory details, you can read a very brief summary HERE. Three important concepts stood out to me as I researched these majestic creatures.

  1. They were used as a weapon by recognizing the different armor of the enemy army.
  2. In whatever way they were trained as puppies, set their lifelong behavior.
  3. Their innate bravery and sense of protection makes them especially loyal guardians of both humans and livestock.

After having done extensive research on this breed, I fell in love with them. You’ll find them throughout Isaiah’s Legacy as well as a few cats sprinkled into the story. I keep them separated—since the war dogs don’t particularly like other animals unless they’re introduced carefully at the puppy stage.

Though dogs were generally frowned on in Judah as feral creatures seeking garbage in the streets, both Manasseh and Shulle warm up to the puppy they meet after their visit to Nineveh, Assyria’s capital.

Up Close and Personal

After having completed the final edit on Isaiah’s Legacy (IL)in October, I decided to fly out to WA State for a visit with some dear friends in early December. Imagine my surprise when they introduced me to the new member of their family—Jetlag. (Phil is a Delta pilot—thus the name.)

They had no idea I’d just written a book about the very breed they’d gone to great lengths to find! You see, they live on a mountain, six miles off grid. Phil is often flying for long stretches of time, leaving Pam alone when she hikes—in an area where black bears are prevalent.

Speed vs. Brawn

I introduced you to their first dog—Beardog, a Karelian Bear Dog that looked identical to the Canaan Dog—when I wrote Miriam back in 2015. (Also discovered after I’d already written a Canaan Dog into the plot!) This handsome guy saved Pam from more than one bear with his quickness and agility.

But with more bears moving into the neighborhood, Pam needed a dog who could actually attack a bear—and win. That’s when the Assyrian war dog (Anatolian Shepherd) came into the picture. I must admit, when I met JetLag, I wasn’t convinced he could attack anything. He was the biggest Sweetheart I’d ever met!

His head was the size of a watermelon, and his back stood at about my hip (I’m 5’5”). I was snuggling his face when a squirrel had the nerve to cross our path. Oh my! He turned into 150 pounds of snarling muscle, flying over uneven ground with those long legs. The squirrel escaped—barely. (Thank You, Jesus!)

Research & Development

Having witnessed the near death of a furry, little woodland creature as well as JetLag’s tender lovability, I was satisfied that my IL war-dog descriptions were as accurate as possible for a 21st-century author. I sure am glad I don’t have to experience EVERYTHING I write about! But this was sure a fun fact-checking field trip!

Thanks, Pam & Phil! I’ll let you know if I ever decide to write about an elephant or a tiger—or maybe you could let me know—since it seems we’re somehow on the same wave-length without ever actually communicating it!

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