What God Brings Together by Melissa Wardwell

whatgodbringstogetherAbout The Book

Though Emma has never lost her faith in Providence, the pain of tragedy, rejection, heartache and loneliness have plagued her for eight long years. Just when she thinks she has found her path, a return to her hometown brings past hurts rushing back into her life. Can Emma learn to finally release the hardships of the past and rely on the goodness of God’s plans for her future?

Eight years after a disfiguring accident, self-torment and life in the shadows keep David from all that he holds dear. When a chance encounter stirs him to hope again, he battles the voice inside that tells him he doesn’t deserve his second chance. Can he accept the gift of restoration God is offering him? Or will he allow self-doubt to rob him of his greatest love and the family he longs to embrace?

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My Review

This is the first time I’ve read a book by Melissa Wardwell and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to read it! By the end of the prologue I was crying. The end of chapter one I had hope. And at the end of the book I was crying because God’s hope for us is so great. Not only did Melissa write an absolutely beautiful story, she shared God’s grace, relying of God’s timing, and the power of forgiveness.

How Emma was able to pick herself up and get her life on track after her husbands horrible accident I will never understand. Melissa did an amazing job in writing this character. Her fears were realistic, as was the way she handled herself eight years later. I’m glad she chose to write her as a strong character rather than a weeping “woe is me” character. I think it gave the storyline more depth and was more enjoyable to read.

Although I felt Ryan was selfish in his decisions after the accident I realize there was some truth to them. Would I have done the same thing? I’d hope not but reality says perhaps I would. He truly thought he was putting his family first and I appreciate the author showing this difficult story. I think sometimes authors just try to take the easy way out in their writing and Melissa was not afraid to think outside the box a bit.

I cannot wait to dive into more stories from Melissa!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review which I have given.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing stich a beautiful review. This story is very personal to me. It was a healing balm on my wounded heart after 6 years of living with my husband who had all but signed on the dotted line. Depression will make you do crazy things sometimes. Praise God, we have found healing – just like Emma and Ryan

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